By Karl
AmbaNews24 Correspondent, Germany

The people of Alachu, a small neighbourhood in Mankon, Bamenda may never recover from the attack carried out by special forces of the Cameroun’s military on their community on May 15, 2019. This assault involved the burning down of multiple homes, places of worship, health centres, and the ruthless killing of their livestock.

Pictures circulating on social media reveal the extent to which Cameroun’s military is ready to go in what has become a pattern in this scotch earth policy of attack on the people of Ambazonia, with the sole intention to create fear, bully them and deny them their right to make any
claims for self-rule. The attack was apparently in response to the killing of two Cameroun special forces by suspected pro-independence fighters a couple of days earlier.

The indiscriminate assault on the local civilian population took place a few days after the Prime Minister of Cameroun Republique Dion Ngute, visited Fon Angwafo III of Mankon, the paramount chief of the fondom where Alachu is located. During this visit, Ngute waived a peace plant to the community calling for the Ambazonia Defence Forces to lay down their arms. AmbaNews24 has gathered that after this meeting with Fon Angwafo, members of the Cameroun military began shooting randomly in the streets of Alachu. Ambazonian pro-independence fighters returned fire, killing two Cameroun soldiers – Stéphane Tjomb and one other whose identity AmbaNews24 has not yet uncovered.

The scale of the arson and destruction by the Cameroun military is extensive. AmbaNews24 has seen several video footages of houses that the military torched and destroyed. Cameroun soldiers also burnt the
local health centre and a church. They also killed reared livestock.
In a press release from the Cameroun military, the Cameroun government has acknowledged the burnings, and said the military personnel involved have been identified. However, as in several cases in the past, there is no indication that the arsonists will face justice or be held accountable for their acts.

Victim testimony video
Victim testimony video

Cameroun Republique has used the tactic of arson as its main instrument of waging war on the Ambazonian people. More than four thousand houses in about three hundred towns and villages in Ambazonia have been burnt down and destroyed by the marauding forces of the occupying French Cameroun Republique.