By George Awungafeh
AmbaNews24, Buea, Ambazonia

Recently, I heard Cardinal Tumi say he wants “the Anglophone region” to remain under Cameroon because he voted for “Unification” in the plebiscite vote in 1961,  a plebiscite which should never have held because it violated the United Nations Charter and UN Resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960 on the granting of independence to colonized people.

Today, I have heard Fru Ndi say that the Defense Forces of Ambazonia should drop their weapons and embrace Biya’s political national dialogue charade while Biya himself has not ordered his forces to cease fire and get out of Ambazonia. He wants this young generation, which is the “Never Again” generation to succumb and surrender once again to the colonization, illegal occupation, economic banditry, and barbaric killing of the Ambazonian people by Cameroon just as he surrendered to Biya after nine months of fruitless ghost towns in the 1990s. Only men who do not believe in the justness and rightness of what they are fighting for surrender to tyrants.

Others like Simon Munzu, and their newfound traitor Agbor Balla are running around Ambazonia preaching the same surrender message because they see themselves not human enough to live without Cameroon.

These men miss their “West Cameroon” federal state so much that they find themselves incapable of resisting the urge to instrumentalize the successes of those fighting for independence to restore it. Where were they when Cameroon systematically took away their “West Cameroon” from them? Did they have to wait to feed on the blood of the Never Again Generation to restore their decentralization or “West Cameroon” federation that should never have existed in the first place?

These old men and many others of their age romancing with Biya regime and Cameroon at large belong to the Surrender Generation and must be told to get out of the way; now is the era of the Never Again Generation.

These are men of a generation that watched Ahmadou Ahidjo invade and occupy Ambazonia in 1961 without a union treaty, and they stood there and did nothing. Fru Ndi was 20years old when Ahidjo was occupying Ambazonia in September 1961. In that same month of September 1961, brave young men of his age rose up in Eritrea and began the Eritrea War of Independence against Ethiopia’s annexation of Eritrea. Today, Eritrea is a free country.

This old Surrender Generation had a Mobile Wing and had established strong bilateral friendship relations with other freedom fighting countries in Africa that they could simply tap into to fund the resistance against Ahidjo’s illegal occupation of Ambazonia as Nelson Mandela was doing in South Africa. Yet, they bowed to Ahidjo, while their age mates across the Matazeng and the Mungo fighting under the banner of the UPC succeeded to force France to grant immediate independence and sovereignty to Cameroon without a plebiscite. The Tumis, Fru Ndi and other enablers simply surrendered. They surrendered as chickens without a fight for their own rights! Cardinal Tumi was 31years old in 1961 and was literate. Yet, he could not resist global system manipulations, and educate our people that UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960, affirmed: “all peoples have an inalienable right to complete freedom, the exercise of their sovereignty and the integrity of their national territory.” Therefore, the people of the erstwhile Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) should stand up for their sovereignty and territorial integrity and not be yoked into the bondage and tyranny of Cameroon.

Retired Cardinal Tumi – Standing against freedom and justice for a future generation of Ambazonians in their Sovereign homeland

In 1983 when Paul Biya restored the name of his country to the Republic of Cameroon and fully enthroned dictatorship over Ambazonia, Thomas Sankara was 34yrs old – about the same age as Cardinal Tumi was in 1961. Sanaka did not let the French absorb Burkina Faso into Mali or Niger. He stood up against imperialism and gave his life for it, while a Cardinal who wears red pipping’s as a sign of martyrdom is asking Ambazonians today to forsake justice and their right to external self-determination and forever live as slaves under Cameroon’s black-on-black imperialism. Standing at the pulpit really does not create saints!

Simon Munzu was 23yrs old in 1972 when Ahidjo took away their deception pampers of “West Cameroon” federal state that Cameroon had forced into their mouth in 1961. He stood there and swallowed spittle, voting between “Yes” and “Oui” as though he were illiterate. In that same 1970s, two years after the cowardice of such surrender to deceit, brave men and women in their twenties rose up in East Timor and battled a well-armed Indonesian army to defeat – thereby, winning the freedom, the independence and sovereignty of East Timor once and for all.  

Theirs is the Surrender Generation that watched the Cameroon government destroy Marketing Board, dissolve our House of Chiefs and House of Assembly, demolish our economy, destroy the Tiko wharf, turn the Tiko and Bamenda Airports into bushes, convert the Bissongabang Airstrip in Mamfe into a rat moles hunting ground, shutdown Santa Coffee Estate and the Marketing Board, turn the Yoke Hydroelectric Power dam into ruins, etc, and they were too afraid to stand up and fight Cameroon – they surrendered.

These are men in their 60s and above, in retirement age who have decided to hang around and tell us we just need to change the constitution of Cameroon and all the due rights and integrity of the Ambazonian people will be realized and protected in their desired return to “federation” or “autonomous region” under Cameroon. Yet, they are the same generation that saw Cameroon scrap the federation protective clause in the Constitution and deceived them to go vote between “Yes” and “Oui” in 1972 to finalize the annexation of Ambazonia by Cameroon. Where were Tumi, Munzu and Fru Ndi to educate the people and to stop such mafia?

Their coward generation surrendered under fear and could not pick up even Dane guns to stop Cameroon when Cameroon itself was far less equipped compared to today. Yet they magically think today that Cameroon will still not change anything they put in a Constitution tomorrow. They want us to be deceived again into another drama of annihilation under Cameroon. They want the Never Again Generation to surrender as if they know not what “Never Again” in the context of the Ambazonian Independence Revolution means.

While we respect them as elders as our African culture demands of us, these people must realize that the times have changed. This is the era of the Never Again Generation! They failed to rise up and fight, and by their surrender passed the consequences of their weakness to this new generation. They failed to stop Cameroon immediately, and by that abandoned the call to resistance for this new Never Again Generation to deal with their cacophony by sacrificing their blood.

Paul Biya played them in the 1990s when they thought nine months of ghost towns will stop the Cameroon kakistocracy; yet, it stood tall and they surrendered.

This is the Never Again Generation, and we shall not pass to future generations the pains and suffering, and the responsibility to spill blood again to future generations of unborn Ambazonians. This Never Again Generation shall reverse permanently the errors of the past, and restore permanently the territorial integrity of Ambazonia for the enjoyment of future generations.

The Surrender Generation wants to run to Yaounde and speak on our behalf. They want us to lay down our guns so they can yoke us again into slavery. And not long after that, they will die and go while the young will live the consequences of their fear of Biya, of their cowardice, and of their inability to stand up to men of their own age currently governing Cameroon with an iron fist across the Mungo.

This Never Again Generation has one message for the Surrender Generation: stand with us and fight back to reclaim your own lost dignity so that you can bow out of this world with honor when the time comes, or get out of the way and let the Never Again Generation put an end to Cameroon’s illegal occupation of Ambazonia and restore our humanity and dignity once and for all for your enjoyment, our happiness and the prosperity of future Ambazonian generations. If you decide to stand on the way of this Never Again Generation, they will get you out of the way because they are fighting for the outlook of their lives since they still have decades to live here. Morality will tell you that you cannot blame Biya for ruling over Cameroon in his old age, while you in your own retirement age of 60 to 80years and beyond are under the table attempting to decide the future of men and women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, battling the brutal genocidal regime of Yaoundé to secure their own future in an independent country.