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Ambazonia Unravels Bold Preparations for October 1, Independence Day Celebrations

INDEPENDENCE MEANS INDEPENDENCE Fellow Ambazonians Last night l chaired a 4 hours meeting bringing together all AGOVC Missions across the globe, including the executive departments to assess our...

Massacre in Church: Cameroon Army Shoots Christians in Bali

Wilfred Ndi AmbaNews24, Bamenda The Cameroon military has invaded the Presbyterian Church in Bali, killing a worshipper and wounding the pastor. At the time of this...

Ambazonia Governing Council meets with the Swiss

The Ambazonia Governing Council met with the Swiss who had expressed their interest in the resolution of the Ambazonia-Cameroon conflict, and has issued the following press statement on the issues discussed.

“South West Chiefs Conference” Rebuffs the Creation of University of Buea Annex in Akonolinga

Christian Ashu and Susan B. Nalowa AmbaNews24, Finland The chiefs of the various tribes and villages in the southern states of Ambazonia who currently associate under the name, “South West Chiefs...

Taliban Message to Ambazonia Intercepted

Solomon Obi and P. Njodzeka ...

Revelations on Why Cameroon’s Swiss Facilitation Process Died

By Charles Nwoleza and Rose W. Enanga Geneva, Switzerland It has been two years and two months, and the Swiss process has left Limbo to the grave! Why? New revelations from...
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