By Bertrand Baiye
AmbaNews24, Bamenda

Ambazonia fighters engaged the Cameroon military in a gun battle in Akum – Bamenda today. Their tactical withdrawal caused the Cameroon soldiers to also cease-fire and withdraw. This opened the area for personal and commercial vehicles transportation.

Petrol Tanker Set Ablaze in Akum, Sept. 21, 2019

The defense forces fighting for the independence and sovereignty of Ambazonia that were still quietly present in the area ambushed and set ablaze a petrol transportation tanker. This is one in a series of guerilla warfare tactics that are based on intelligence, ambush, espionage, deception, and sabotage, and are undermining and frustrating Cameroon’s governing authority through long, and low-intensity confrontations.

The incidence has caused many other passenger vehicles that were plying the road to halt their journey, leaving travelers stranded temporarily.

Transportation halted due to petrol tanker inferno in Akum

Incidences of this nature have had wide-ranging negative effects on the Cameroon economy. Economic sabotage of timber transportation companies, Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) infrastructure, and the non-functioning of the lone oil refinery, SONARA in Ambazonia’s territory in tandem with ghost towns and lockdowns are collectively depriving the Yaoundé regime of the money it needs to acquire arms to continue the war Mr. Biya declared on Ambazonia in November 2017, and to pay civil servants.