By Karl
AmbaNews24 Correspondent – Germany

Dion Ngute, La Republique du Cameroun’s Prime Minister, the lead singer of dictator Biya’s choir, and his propaganda team are busy faking scenes of so called ex Amba fighters defecting and surrendering their weapons. Ambazonia Defence Forces issued counter claims clearly stating none of those paraded Ex-Amba fighters have any affiliation to them. In the past few days, two prominent and leading senior Commanders of the Ambazonia defence forces have released videos denying such claims that any of their elements laid down weapons and surrendered to Dion Ngute.

In a video released by the most dreaded and articulate General RK of the BSCRF, he details reasons for defending homeland, and states they did not ask for this war. He wondered why the dictator Biya released his army against citizens who only came out with peace plants to ask that their rights be respected. The general sent a message of gratitude to Donald Trump’s government for the concern they have so far shown to their plight, and urged more pressure on the ruthless dictator to stop the ongoing genocide against Ambazonians. The General lamented the fact that they started their self-defense with stones, cutlasses and locally fabricated weapons but proudly brandished assault weapons saying all they seized these modern weapons from the Biya’s military in hard won battles. General RK vowed he and his battalion will never surrender their weapons and will fight till freedom is restored.

Another Commander apparently from The Sword of Ambazonia, released a similar video echoing the same message and same resolve – no surrender till victory. The Commander revealed La Republique government officials contacted them to drop their weapons aginst 3 million CFA for each fighter who surrenders arms. Rubbishing such bribery, the General warned Ambazonians don’t fight for money – they fight for honor and homeland. In a very firm tone, the fighter reminded enablers of la Republique du Cameroun planning to demonstrate any loyalty to LRC on May 20 to be ready to face the consequences of romancing with the colonizer. He decried the nonchalance some people demonstrate while they live in the bushes sacrificing for their lives for homeland.

Why Ambazonians reject the celebration of 20th May

Ambazonia’s “never again generation” views May 20 as the culmination of La Rpeublique’s colonization, annexation and subjugation consecrating despotism and enslaving Amabazonians to La Republique’s colonial dictatorship. The two Cameroons came together after the much criticized Foumbam conference of 1961 , to form a federal union with each state maintaining their distinctive cultural heritage. This arrangement was made in good faith, to protect the two peoples and their distinctive values, and to ensure a balance and equitable development across the region based on the right to self-determination. In 1972, the President of French Cameroun violated the unconsummated constitution, dealt away with the de facto federation, and created what they called the unitary system birthing the United Republic of Cameroon. Since then, French Cameroon continues expanding its colonial, occupation, and assimilation agenda, instituting administrative units in English Cameroon, ranging from the governors, the SDOs, the police, gendarme, the courts and recently the educational system headed by citizens of French Cameroon. This forced Ambazonians to operate in the French language even in their own back yard, a situation forcing all Ambazonians who do not understand the French language to express themselves at police checkpoints.

In 1984, Paul Biya sealed the assimilation process in a high-handed manner by changing the name of the country from The United Rep of Cameroon, to La Republique du Cameroun. This decision wiped out any traces of the Foumban Conference, and highlighted a total swallow-up of the former British southern Cameroons.

This situation became unbearable with the increasing awareness within the never again generation, and there was a popular call by trade unions in the southern Cameroons, for a reform of the system. Citizens were increasingly isolated from the management of their day to day business causing chronic underdevelopment, lack of basic human needs, and systematically endangering Ambazonian lives. The government of LRC responded with brutal repression that saw many southern Cameroonians killed, and many others injured. Some of the moderate trade union leaders were arrested and sentv to prison. This brutally finally shone the light on Ambazonians and they decided Ambazonia today and tomorrow. No more business with LRC.