By Bertrand Baiyee
AmbaNews24 Correspondent

Robert Esuka Endeley

The yet to be crowned Buea Paramount Chief Robert Esuka Endeley, is currently trying to use corrupt Cameroun administrators to muscle his way to the Buea Chieftaincy. Esuka Endeley left the United States of America where he resides in the state of Minnesota to attend the controversial May 20th, 2019 ceremony in Buea, the capital of Ambazonia. He was noticed standing alone with plenty of empty seats around him, and no subjects to parade around with placards as insisted by the colonial Governor Okalia Bilai

Mr. Esuka’s right to the crown of the paramount chief of Buea is currently being heavily contested by the Traditional Council headed by Dr. Humphrey Ekema Monono.

In an order signed on April 8, 2019 Paul Atanga Nji Cameroun’s Minister of Territorial Administration, called on the Senior Divisional Officer for Fako to halt all procedures designating chiefs in the various villages in the county. This, according to the order is as a result of the various petitions received at the level of the Ministry of Territorial Administration. This according to observers within the Bakweri clan is the reason why the yet to be crowned Chief is doing everything possible to appease his masters in Yaoundé

According to Mola Njoh Wose Likenye, one of the four family elders of the Wonya Likenya Royal Family and spokesperson for the Royal Family, the royal family had unanimously selected their successor in the person of Prince Robert Esuka Endeley and heads and representatives of the 13 branches that make up the royal family endorsed him.
He went on that, “they are not competent because chieftaincy succession in this clan is the prerogative of the royal family and notables of Buea. Period!”
Mr. Robert Esuka Endeley a letter asking all chiefs in Fako and especially those in Buea to adhere to the colonial Governors orders. This, however, was rejected by a no show by the chiefs at the May 20th, 2019 grandstand. He may after his lonely stunt be approved and installed as the new paramount chief with no respect by the people.