By Jonathan Njikang
AmbaNews24, Kumbo, Ambazonia

The convoy of Cameroun’s governor Adolph Lele L’Afrique has come under gun attack in Mbah village. The defence forces of Ambazonia launched an assault on the governor today, July 30, 2019 as his entourage was heading to Bui.

This gun battle is coming on a day the people of Ambazonia are observing a national solidarity ghost town against the torture and enforced disappearance of more than three hundred Ambazonian prisoners of war and conscience in Kondengui, Yaoundé and Buea central prisons. The Ambazonia Governing Council under the leadership of Dr. Cho Ayaba in consultation with the self-declared interim government faction of Seseku Ayuk and other liberation movements called for the two days lockdown (July 29 to July 30), which is akin to a national day of mourning when a catastrophe strikes a country.

The lockdown is also a symbolic message to all Ambazonians that in this liberation struggle no one should be left behind. The brutalization of one Ambazonian by Cameroun is an act of aggression against all Ambazonian people. As an extension of the common ghost town in Ambazonia every Monday, the lockdown further paralyses Cameroun’s economy, depriving the Cameroon government of the resources it needs to prosecute the war Paul Biya declared on the Ambazonian people on November 30, 2017.

This raid against the Governor is one amidst multiple constant battles of dynamic control of the Ambazonian territory by the Ambazonian people in a strategy to render Ambazonia ungovernable by Cameroun’s appointed administrators. Cameroon has lost legitimacy and full control of most of Ambazonia’s territory in the Ambazonia war of independence. The US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, Tibot Naggy, had told the Cameroon government that it cannot win this war against Ambazonia just as America could not defeat guerilla fighters in Vietnam.

AmbaNews24 has also confirmed that a driver in a convoy from Kumbo heading to welcome the colonial governor from Nkambe has been shot. It is not yet clear whether there are other fatalities.

The town of Mbengwi in Momo State has also been subjected to heavy sounds of gunshots as Ambazonia liberation fighters are sending strong signals against the visit of the same Governor there tomorrow. The Governor is in a “back to school” tour at a time the Ambazonian people are demanding that Cameroon withdraw its soldiers from the streets of Ambazonia’s territory into barracks across east of the Mungo River so that a conducive environment can reign for Ambazonian children to go to school. The battles of today and that of yesterday in Kikaikiliki against the same Governor have caused many to wonder: if the convoy of a heavily guarded Cameroon administrator can be attacked on a road that is used generally only by Cameroon military men, how can anyone say it is safe for children to return to school?