By Willibroad Buma
AmbaNews24 Correspondent, Bamenda

Cameroun’s celebration of its 20th May “Reunification Day” has been subjected to ridicule in the City of Bamenda. In past decades, colorful military parades and political parties marches had marked festive activities with tens of thousands of local population cheering on.

This year, AmbaNews24 has observed a unique ridiculous scene in Bamenda. Some persons dressed in the regalia of the ruling Cameroun Peoples Democratic Movement (CPDM) occupied the grandstand at the Commercial Avenue, Bamenda covering their faces. Some of the women appeared dressed casually with local rubber flip-flop shoes generally worn for indoor activities in Ambazonia.

AmbaNews24 is investigating under what circumstances these persons found themselves so dressed and seemingly forced to fill the grandstand and generally looking depressed. However, it is fair to think that the covered faces is a mechanism of self-protection as persons siding with the occupying Cameroun government in Ambazonia have generally come under social rejection and sometimes physical attacks by the overwhelming majority in neighborhoods throughout Ambazonia that resist Cameroun’s rule. 

The governor in Bamenda, Lele L’Afrique was exceptionally in a military armored car most of the time at the Commercial Avenue surrounded by heavily armed military men. This is happening at a time when the Ambazonian people have generally rejected Cameroun’s rule in their land. Five days ago, Cameroun soldiers engaged in a ruthless burning of homes, school and medical facilities a few kilometers from Commercial Avenue, Bamenda as part of its strategy in prosecuting a war against the Ambazonian independence cause that has intensified since 2016. The mass killing of civilians and destruction of property have built resentment in the local population against the Cameroun military. The Ambazonia Defense Forces and its allies declared the entire territory of Ambazonia “lockdown” from 19th to 21st May to shun the “Reunification Day” activities.