Critical Alert: Cameroun Government to Begin ID Cards Terror Scheme in Ambazonia


Simon Ashu AmbaNews24 Correspondent, Mamfe

Mamfe – AmbaNews24 has received confirmed information that the Cameroun government tyrannical regime will soon begin a “full sweep for National ID cards” across the northern and southern zones of Ambazonia.

While this will be reminiscent of the days of cale-cale, the police, gendarmes and BIRs will invade streets, houses, farms, churches, etc. Anyone not in possession of Cameroun’s colonial ID card, even while cooking in the kitchen, will be kidnapped by regime forces and taken to unknown destinations.

To be released, victims will be required to pay upward of 200,000frs cfa – 500,000frs cfa equivalent to $364, or $909 respectively per person arrested.

In this terror and money making scheme, if the regime kidnaps 5,000 Ambazonians, it will make upward of minimum 1billion cfa.

The goal of this terror across Ambazonia, AmbaNew24 has learnt, is not only to make money but to fish out Ambazonian fighters and any foreigners the Cameroun government believes is helping them to crush the regime.

In a recent press statement, Cameroon’s Minister of National Security, Betti Assomo, claimed that Ambazonian fighters had in their midst foreigners who were aiding them to fight the Cameroun army.

Anyone found without a Cameroun issued ID card will be tortured, forced to pay a heavy fine, and may not still be released after that.

Residents in the city of Bamenda have been seending calls through social media outlets asking people to call their relatives in Bamenda to be ready to hide their important documents and money they have inside their houses in preparation of an indiscriminate search and arrest by the Cameroun military.

Executed by Cameroun Military at the Azire Junction, Bamenda

A civilian whose names we could not get at the time of this publication was found executed by the Cameroun military last night at the Azire junction for not having the necessary papers when stopped, bringing the number of civilians executed by the Cameroun military to an untold proportion