Deadliest Month For Cameroun Troops in Ambazonia – Over 20 Killed.


Denis Ngu, AmbaNews24, Washington DC the USA

August 2020, will go down in the history of the ongoing conflict between French Cameroun Republique versus Ambazonia independence forces as one of the deadliest months to the colonial occupational forces of Paul Biya and his French CameroUnian forces. This month alone, over 20 of their soldiers have been killed by the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF). These killings of Cameroun forces have led leaders of the ADF to be projecting power and looking optimistic that the major Ambazonian state of Mezam, where the city of Bamenda with a population of over 1,000.000 people is located has fallen into the hands and control of the pro-independence movement.

This eventuality, observers are rolling their eyes, and nodding that this will be a major power shift in the dynamics for the 8 million Ambazonian citizens to begin to assert their right to independence and sovereignty in the territorial space of the former UN Trust territory of the Southern Cameroons.

Sources in the city of Bamenda have confirmed the deaths of two French Cameroun republique soldiers dressed in civilian attire in two separate parts of the city early today 08/25/2020. In what is reported to have been a sting operation by a special mobile unit of the ADF, two French Cameroun forces fell in a trap laid up by the ADF forces in the neighborhood of Mulang, and were ambushed and the two were easily neutralized in a firefight according to sources close to the ADF who spoke to AmbaNews24. The source equally confirmed that the truck in which the two French Cameroun colonial forces were driving in was completely destroyed and later set ablaze. AmbaNews24 is still following developments on another attack that took place at Hospital Roundabout, a neighborhood near the main hospital in the city.

French Secret Police Killed in Bamenda while on a spy mission

As a reaction to these killings, elements of the occupational forces have descended on some areas of the town and are on a destruction spree against innocent civilian targets. An indiscriminate seizure and burn raid is going on against civilian commercial motorbike riders as a collective punishment for the killings. Hundreds of commercial motorbikes have been confiscated and are being burnt as we go to press. Like in similar circumstances, houses are also being targeted for looting and burning. Over five hundred towns and villages have been destroyed by French Cameroun in Ambazonia as a well designed scorched earth campaign by the colonial regime in Yaounde, French Cameroun to intimidate and muzzle the Ambazonian people from demanding and fighting for their freedom against Cameroun colonial policies.

Civilian Motorbikes set ablaze by French Cameroun forces in Bamenda

Earlier this month, at least 17 French Cameroun BIR colonial forces were killed in a spat of raids by an elite unit of the ADF in what was by far the bloodiest week for the colonial forces of French Cameroun in this four-year-old land grab war declared by Cameroun on the peace-loving people of Ambazonia as a tactic to assert its colonial ambitions on the territory and peoples of Ambazonia.

This unfolding development clearly demonstrates that the pro-independence forces led by Dr. Cho Ayaba of the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGOVC), a movement to which the ADF is the military wing has emerged as the dominant force controlling over 90% of the geographical space of the former British Southern Cameroons. This equally lays credence to the ambition of the ADF that has warned French Cameroun Republique that it’s over 10000 forces are in a position to completely destroy and defeat French Camerounian remnant forces still parading the towns and villages of Ambazonia.