“Defeated, Leave Now!” Theme of Ambazonia’s Independence Day 2021 Announced


Charles Nwoleza AmbaNews24, Switzerland

Addressing the Ambazonian people on Saturday, August 21, 2021, the leader of the Ambazonia sovereignty cause, Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba announced that Ambazonia shall commemorate its October 1 Independence Day this year under the theme, “Defeated, Leave Now!”

October 1 is the day the United Nations General Assembly set in Resolution 1608 of 21 April 1961for the independence of Ambazonia. Before that day, however, the Cameroun government moved in its military and occupied the territory without any treaty consent of the people.

This theme echoes both the current state of the Ambazonia War of Independence and the inevitable outcome.

Since the illegal occupation of the Ambazonia territory in 1961, its people have lived in bondage and fear, unable to challenge Cameroon ideologically, militarily and diplomatically – the three main pillars on which every liberation struggle depends.

From 2016, however, the Ambazonian people have challenged Cameroun’s occupation ideologically, putting forth a liberation Manifesto that presents a new nation that is totally different politically, administratively, economically, socially, legally, educationally, human right-wise, etc, from Cameroon. This alternative national vision has mobilized the people to an unstoppable point.

They have also become more sophisticated militarily, upgrading from rubber guns to hunting rifles, to AK47s, to MI16s, and now IEDs. The guerilla tactics of the Ambazonia Defense Forces have become more refined, and the Cameroun military is suffering more casualties monthly – especially from IEDs – than the Ambazonia forces.

The Cameroon military is demoralized. Unable to face Ambazonian forces, they have turned in their frustration to kidnapping for ransom, banditry, and killing of unarmed children in schools, women in farms, worshippers in Churches, and the sick in hospitals. Theirs are the actions of a defeated army!

In July 2021, the Cameroon government came to the conclusion that it cannot defeat Ambazonians militarily, especially as the Ambazonian people have entered into ally relations with the Biafrans. Consequently, the Biya’s government sent an envoy, Francois Mbayu, to Nigeria to seek help from Buhari’s government. The mission has so far yielded no fruits as Buhari is more focused on dealing with an Eastern Security Network (ESN) rising Biafran insurgency.

Diplomatically, Cameroon is no longer the lone voice in the international community on issues related to Ambazonia. Ambazonian leaders are now entering diplomatic circles in foreign parliaments such as in UK and the USA, in foreign ministries, and in organizations such as at the United Nations that were once opened only to Cameroon government officials. Ambazonia isn’t only a contender diplomatically, but it is being listened to by various foreign actors that are beginning to accept the possibility of a sovereign Ambazonia as a necessity to guarantee peace and stability in the Gulf of Guinea.

The signs, therefore, are clear that Cameroon is defeated. It, however, can leave now or waste its time fighting against an inevitable end, namely, the independence and sovereignty of Ambazonia.

To shade more light on this inevitability, Dr. Ayaba, President of the Ambazonia Governing Council wrote on Sunday, August 21, after declaring the Independence Day celebration theme:

Dr. Ayaba, President of the Ambazonia Governing Council

“Over two hundred and fifty years ago, the Americans battled the British for over eight years and lost over seven thousand lives. They ended up independent and sovereign.

The Eritreans battled the Ethiopians for over thirty years, with over 70,000 casualties on both sides. Eritrea still ended up independent and sovereign.

East Timore battled Indonesia for over twenty years. Over 200,000 lives were lost, and the occupying Indonesia military burnt down tens of East Timores towns. East Timor still ended up independent and sovereign.

More than 100,000 lives were lost in the struggle to end apartheid in South Africa, including the lives of the British who infamously supported the apartheid system. South Africa still became independent and sovereign.”

Ambazonia’s independence and sovereignty cannot be stopped! Cameroun is defeated. It has the opportunity to leave now honorably, or loss more soldiers and crumble its economy, and yet see a free Ambazonia in future!