Fatale Cameroun Military Helicopter Crash in Oku – Bui State


    A military carrying Cameroon’s colonial administrators has crash in Oku, Bui State in the Northern Zone of Southern Cameroon.

    A statement released on the 13th of May 2019, the Cameroun Minister of Defense, Beti Asomo, states the crash occurred at about midday due to poor weather. The helicopter was carrying three colonial administrators, one policeman and three crew member.

    According to the Cameroun Minister, the crash resulted in the death of the police identified as Police Superintendent and acting Commissioner, Ngwe Wiyou Victor. The others sustained injuries, the gravity of which are undisclosed at the moment

    Press release by the Cameroun Minister of Defense

    Pictures circulation on social media show the wreckage of the Cameroun military helicopter. Eye witnesses speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of arrest by the Cameroun military also confirm the crashes and report serious injuries among the survivals.

    They also indicated the civilians are fleeing the area in fear of attacks by the Cameroun military. Most have fled into neighbouring villages far away from the crash site.

    This is breaking news and Amba News 24 will continue to update you on the crash