US must press UN Security Council to clarify French Cameroun’s Border


By Amba News 24 Correspondent

Author: Martin Ayaba

Ahead of the UN Security Council meeting scheduled to hold this week to discuss the current conflict between French Cameroun and the former British Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia, the attention of the over 6 million people of Ambazonia who have been trapped in this bloody conflict are all turned towards the United Nations plaza in New York where the Security Council meeting will be holding.

The expectations are very high that finally a firm resolution of the worlds’ governing body will come to clarify the boundary situation between French Cameroun Republique and the territorial integrity of the former Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) which has been determined as the root cause of the current conflict.

Convened by the US to discuss the conflict, many Ambazonians have expressed their wish to see the USA bring the issue of clarifying the borders of the two countries as obtained at independence as the only way of bringing lasting peace to the conflict. As a reminder; French Cameroun gained its independence from France on January 1, 1960 with its distinct and internationally recognized boundaries, signed, sealed and deposited at the UN secretariat. That territorial boundary did not and has never included the territory of Ambazonia. The United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly in April of 1961 to grant independence to the people of Southern Cameroons on October 1,1961. That independence was never granted, instead, the sovereignty of the territory and its people was transferred as a dependency to French Cameroun with no union treaty between the two former UN Trust territories contrary to what was stipulated by the relevant laws guiding the decolonization of all former UN Trust Territories. This has been the main root cause of the conflict that has been brewing between the two states for the last 57 years and has since 2016 turned into an open war.

The USA through its Under Secretary for African Affairs Tibor Peter Nagy has reiterated the need to solve the underlying causes of the crisis which goes back to the issue of the decolonization process and the border demarcations. The UN itself has on multiple occasions recognize the two internationally recognized boundaries between the French Cameroun and Ambazonia. Nine years ago this month, a UN special envoy Dr.Triki visited President Paul Biya of French Cameroun and presented him with a symbolic gift of the two distinct maps of Ambazonia and French Cameroun. During a visit to Cameroon in the mid-1990’s to quell down the rumblings of Ambazonian discontent over the occupation of their territory, late UN Secretary General Koffi Atta Anan talked about the historical journey of Ambazonia and French Cameroun being separate peoples.

Ambazonian eminent jurist Prof. Carlson Anyangwe has researched and written extensively about the distinct and intangibility of the boundaries between French La Republique du Cameroun and Ambazonia under international law.

Just last month, Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba, leader of the Governing Council of Ambazonia tasked Under Secretary Tibor Nagy to clarify his remarks recently in which he asserted that the US current foreign policy position is to recognize Cameroon as one. The US embassy in Cameroun clarified the remarks but failed to state clearly if French Cameroun and Ambazonia are one country under international law.

It is the position of Amba News 24 that the US that has convened the upcoming UN security council meeting must put the question of the border delimitations between La Republique du Cameroun and Ambazonia at the center of the discussions because clarify the boundary of French Cameroun as obtained at its independence on 01/01/1960 will automatically call for the international system to see French Cameroun as an aggressor that is violating international law.

The First Vice President of Cameroun’s ruling political party Fon S N Angwafo 111 of Mankon has told the visiting Prime Minister of Cameroun Joseph Dion Ngute that times have changed in how the people want to be governed.

Fon Angwafo, a hitherto staunch supporter of the ruling CPDM political party spoke in his Mankon palace while receiving the Prime Minister of Cameroun who is on desperate mission to convince the population of Ambazonia to drop their weapons and claims for independence to facilitate a dialogue with the government of Yaounde.

Apparently surrounded by his kinsmen and subjects, Fon Angwafo 111 said a golf had developed between the ruling class and his people. He took the Prime Minister to task about the current human rights situation in the Ambazonia, whereby the government is using the military to brutalize and kill the people.

The Fon spoke on how the times have changed, and how his people have also changed. ‘I was appointed by my father to be the Fon, but I am not sure if I will be able to appoint my successor’, Fon Angwafo 111 said in a tone that defies the logic of his position as the next inline in the party only after President Paul Biya, the party chairman. The Fon spoke openly in front of TV cameras as a large population of his people watched keenly and intervened with applause each time the Fon made a bold statement in support of their plight in the context of the killings and grave human rights abuses by the soldiers of the government in the ongoing war between the forces of Cameroun, and the Ambazonian people.

As the Fon spoke, Prime Minister Dion Ngute who was surrounded by heavy military security personnel listened attentively. In his response, the Prime Minister who is a Chief himself said he had been sent by President Paul Biya to come a beg for calm, and that the government is ready for dialogue.

The Prime Minister who occasionally referred to President Paul Biya as ‘Papa’, thanked Fon Angwafo and said the Yaounde government counted on him to bring back calm in the region.