General RK Honours General Ivo In His First Anniversary


By Sumelong Ekane, Culled from BaretaNews

When we picked up Arms to defend our homeland we knew we might not make it to the promised land. The goal was to start the tedious journey to Freedom believing that someone from the “two cubes of Sugar” will complete the fight and Free Ambazonia!

My dear Comrade, brother, brave warrior, General Ivo, We honor and celebrate you because you were a Brave FIGHTER. You led by example, fought and won many battles and bored the land with your blood.

Your selflessness and tenacity was exemplary. Your determination and ability to navigate across the enemy camps and especially working with brotherly forces remain your biggest strength which we must copy. Most especially your believe in God Almighty gave you the powers to conquer Fear and Fought like a beast defending your people and your homeland.

Though gone in the physical, l carry your spirit every day to continue the Revolution to free the homeland. We have defeated LRC by defeating Fear. If l don’t make it to Buea we will continue the fight in the spiritual. But if l do, l will honor you and all those gone ahead with you by hoisting the Ambazonian FLAG in your honor.

Brave Ivo, though I remain determined and focused, l must confess that your absence left a void in our revolution.


We Love you, Ambazonia Loves You, And Ambazonia Must be Free!

General RK. 

General RK of the BSCRF