By The Analyst

In an unprecedented action, the governor of the Littoral region of Cameroun has banned the use of cellphone at the 20th May ceremonial ground in “Vallee de la Besseke.

In a radio communique signed on 17th May 2019 and published in French, the Governor, Mr. Ivaha Diboua Samuel Dieudonné informs the invited guests to the festivities and then general public that cellphone will not be allowed at the ceremonial ground. He goes further to state that the Forces of Law and Order have been tasked with strict control of persons to make sure that the order is implemented.

It is believed that supporter of the jailed opposition leader Maurice Kamto may stage protest against the government or carry banners with protest messages. The governor’s ban of cellphones is to ensure that images of any protests do not get out and only well-scripted narratives and pictures are distributed nationally and internationally by the state-owned or controlled radio and television networks

It should be noted here that Cameroon is one of the most repressive countries in the world and images of its systemic human rights abuses have been circulating on Social Media. These include summary execution of women and children in the North of Cameroun, violent suppression, arrest and torture of opposition leaders and protesters, and the continuous mass killing, torture, and burning of homes and properties of the people of Southern Cameroon.

Pictures and videos of these gross human rights violation, mostly taken with cellphones and posted on Social media, have exposed the dire situation in Cameroon to the international community. The government of Cameroun has in recent months been doing all in its power to ensure that these very revealing images don’t get out. In an early instruction leaked online, the Minister of Defense banned the posting on pictures to Social Media by all members of the Cameroun Armed Forces. The Littoral Governor’s ban on cellphone at 20th May festivities is one of such action aimed at preventing images potential protest by opposition and government brutal crackdown from getting out.