Human head deposited at Mobile Petrol Station in Nkwen, Bamenda this Tuesday May 21, 2019


The atmosphere is still very tensed this morning in the city of Bamenda as gunshots can be heard from all over the city following a largely boycotted May 20th National Day celebrations yesterday.

Reports from our correspondents in the city say, a human head was found at a very popular gas filling station known as Mobile Nkwen. The human heard has not been identified, but suspicion is rift in the city that, the head could be that of a Cameroun military officer who was killed and decapitated.

Developing Story!

20:00 PM – May, 21: Eyewitness are reporting massive shooting by the Cameroon military that has invaded the Mobile Nkwen and surrounding areas. A resident AmbaNews24 just spoke to, describe the situation as a “War Zone” with the military firing at any indiscriminately. No Ambazonia Self-Defense fighters have been spotted in the area so far.

19:10 PM – May, 21: AmbaNews24 correspondent and eyewitnesese are reporting massive Cameroun military invasions of Mobile Nkwen and surrounding arease including Sisia Quarter, Cow Street, Ghana street, Mile 2 Nkwen and Banja Street. Residents are at this moment fleeing these areas for fear of revenge killing by the military of the decapitated head is that of a soldier.