By Bernard Ngalim
AmbaNews24 Correspondent – USA

Ilaria Allegrozzi, a senior researcher with Human Rights Watch says they investigate the Ambazonian War of Independence and conclude that Cameroun has lost an “incredibly high number” of forces.

In a tweet on July 9, 2019, Human Rights Watch senior researcher covering human rights abuses, crimes against humanity, and war crimes in the Ambazonian War of Independence described Cameroun’s military offensive in Ambazonia as “not only abusive but also counter-productive.” Ilaria has extensive knowledge on human rights abuses, war crimes, and crimes against humanity committed by Cameroun’s military. In “Anatomy of a Killing,” an award winning documentary, Ilaria and a team of forensic experts exposed Cameroon’s military committing crimes against humanity.

Affirming that Human Rights Watch (HRW) understands the gravity of human rights abuses committed in Ambazonia under the current Ambazonia war of independence, the tweet reveals HRW is closely monitoring human rights abuses “happening in a context of total impunity.” The culture of impunity thrives in absolute opaqueness as the government of Cameroun prohibits independent, impartial, and international actors from conducting investigations.

HRW Senior researcher was refused entry at the airport despite duly receiving a visa for the trip. Similary,  Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, former UN Human Rights Chief regretted “that the Government [Cameroun] had failed to grant the UN Human Rights Office access, despite repeated requests.” Difficult as it seems, HRW devised alternative investigation methods and continue documenting human rights violations.

Paul Biya, Cameroun’s president has remained intransigent to international calls recommending Cameroun negotiates her way out of the Ambazonian war of independence. Rather opting for a military solution, the war is costing Cameroun both human, economic, and infrastructural resources. Cameroun’s investors’ roundtable, popularly known as GICAM, its French acronym regrets the huge negative economic effect the Ambazonian war of independence is having on the crumbling economy.

About the surging war, its negative effects, and Cameroun’s refusal to negotiate her way out of the war, HRW senior researcher concludes that “what’s most worrying is that government [of Cameroun] still thinks military response is the solution. While so far this response has proven not only abusive but also counter-productive. Proof is the incredibly high number of soldiers, gendarmes, policemen killed since the crisis started.” Though Cameroon recently confirmed they lost 300 forces in the Ambazonian war of independence, our sources in Cameroun’s ministry of defense (who requested anonymity) said Cameroon has lost close to a thousand forces in Ambazonia.