Comrade Boh, I have taken time off to go through your recent epistle claiming, as usual that only you alone know the truth, and as has been the case since you bought into the Swiss-led process without critically analysing what is involved in that package, you engaged a line of seemingly convincing, but misleading arguments. I like to show you and our people the flip side of the coin. However, let me already apologize that I may not be as verbose as you were in my response. That said, let us look at things ab initio:

1- With respect to the CRTV coverage of the visit of the Swiss delegation to the Prime Minister in Yaounde, the concern was never about what the Swiss or HD officials told reporters, it was about what the Prime Minister, Dion Ngute or any other Cameroon government official, for that matter had to say about the Swiss mediation effort.

2- It is out of total dishonesty and a deliberate attempt to sway the opinions of people who are not well informed about the trappings of this process, that you prefer to push towards deducing what should be meant in what the HD officials said as justification that Biya’s government had given consent, whereas it is easy and better to hear such from the horse’s own mouth. And Jeune Afrique quotes that horse as saying they are not committed to any international mediation deal. This is what you should be talking about, and not go manipulating an already confused people.

3- Now, referring to the statement you and I worked on for HD after the first zoom meeting, I wish you told the people that you, Comrade Boh, was anxious to give into the Swiss at face value and I insisted we simply forward to them the resolutions arrived at, at the ASCPC Conference of March, 2019. You refused deliberately to admit that it was due to my reticence and desire to at least see the mandate the Swiss brought from Yaounde that I insisted on a three-week period of Grace during which we could carry out extensive consultations and obtain expert advice on the matter before forging on.

4- Comrade, why did you also omit telling the people that you did not travel to Switzerland at the first instance, leave Akwanga to be there alone, before being persuaded to join by zoom because you too were suspicious of the Swiss? Why not tell the people that the main reason you finally bought into the Swiss with eyes closed and with all your being was because you needed to get even with Comrade Cho Ayaba whose AGovC, had also brought onboard the European Institute of Peace, EIP- just to satisfy your ego? Your later treatment of the EIP, enshrined in your write-ups to that organization stand in witness of what I am saying here. This could be verified. When did d you ever think of putting Southern Cameroons first?

5- Referring to the so-called ‘doctoring’ of the resolutions of the ASCPC to exclude the clause that we were ready for negotiations without preconditions on the terms of our separation with Yaounde, I think you would have been honest here to state that we all felt it was a dangerous immission, given that the person charged with re-arranging the resolutions into blocks with sub-themes was Prof. Carlson Anyangwe. Recall that we determined the corrections had to be done soonest, unless you want to insinuate here that Prof. Carlson Anyangwe is a Federalist who elected to hide amongst us and work against the interests of a people he has so consistently defended at every opportunity for decades and counting.

6- I challenge you once more, (and so because you have admitted on at least two accounts that, Yaounde had not effectively issued any official document giving a mediation mandate to the Swiss government, but continue to churn out write-up after write-up to make the people feel something like that exists), to publicly say you, and maybe only you, have at least seen the mandate signed out to the Swiss by the Cameroon government to mediate a peace process with us.

7- When you said Ambazonia missed a bullet, your insinuation has been that the government of Cameroon assured the Swiss government that they would be issued a mandate because they were certain we would not sign on, but as soon as we did, they decided to retract. Why then don’t you get forth coming and tell our people the bitter truth, that the Swiss government is yet to have an official mandate from Yaounde, and that want support from all the fabrics of the Southern Cameroons community to use as a means of pressuring the Biya regime to finally concretize consent in a document of any kind? Be honest to the people so that they know what is before them before deciding on whether to embark on such a journey or not. You cannot in today’s world start playing the CRTV-style analysis by trying to imply what people should have been saying rather than get them say it directly themselves!

8- Finally, Comrade Boh, I hate to say this, but because our people deserve to the truth, I am constrained to say it. Brother, I fear you are a pernicious liar, Sophist and manipulator. How on Earth can you go out publicly and lie about a venerated International Figure whose reputation spreads across the globe? When did Ambassador Cohen ever tell you he was working for the independence of Ambazonia? When did you interview him for the said job? Have you now forgotten that we were together on the platform created to lobby Ambassador Cohen to be on our side in opening doors to talk about our cause? Forgotten that prior to the putting in place of that initiative, Ambassador Cohen had always twitted about the Southern Cameroons Question, advocating a return to the 1961 arrangement? The last twit before our effort asked Yaounde to immediately return to the 1961 federation or graduate into Ambazonia in one year. I take the public here to witness that Ambassador Cohen has always been consistent in his outings in the crisis in our country. And please, stop lying that you interviewed Ambassador Cohen for the job, because none of us on the forum ever spoke to Ambassador Cohen directly, we always reached out to him through an intermediary, and on this, Dr. Liz Ambe who chaired our deliberations and rapporteur Dr. Aeron Mancho can testify better.

In conclusion, I suppose you should simply tell Southern Cameroonians that you have suddenly become a Swiss attack mercenary against any other entity that shows interest in mediating between Southern Cameroons and La Repubique du Cameroon.

NB: I wish you take off time to tell our people who are providing the huge sums of money to pay for your travel expenses within the framework of this Swiss-led process. Tell them why the person or entity is spending that money, including flights and lodging for 61 LGA Chairs and some Amba boys from Ground Zero to Geneva from October 21, 2019. The them why the person or entity is spending such money and also whether it is just charity. Our people need to know this, because as it stands, we may well be getting indebted without our consent, but with our active participation. Recall that there is no such thing as a free launch anywhere in the world.