By Karl
AmbaNews Correspondent, Germany

Kumba Town respects Ghost Town Monday – 15.7.2019

After a weekend full of anticipation and concerns about attempts by the colonial Senior Divisional officer for kumba Ntou’ou Ndong Chamberlain to bribe a group of bike riders to reject the traditional Monday visit of the Ghost, the city of Kumba woke up this Monday morning to yet another peaceful visit of the ghost. Since the wake of the ongoing crisis, the people of Ambazonia have shown their determination and commitment to the course of freedom by reserving Mondays as a day of no commercial activities all over their territory. On ghost town days, businesses, and administrative facilities in over 80% of the territory have remained completely grounded, a situation that has caused huge financial deficit to government treasuries in this region.

On Saturday the 13 of July, some bike riders in Kumba reportedly took to the streets to condemn the killing of one of theirs whose name Ambanews got as Itoe Junior itoe . Itoe Junior was reportedly shot and killed by still to be identified assailants on the night of Friday 12. 07.2019. The death of the young bike rider provoked indignation within his peers who went out on Saturday in protest against the killing of yet another innocent young man. This is when the Divisional officer for Kumba 3, Verkline Epolewane took advantage and tried to lure the angry young men to denounce Ghost towns, promising them government financial assistance. On Sunday the 14.07.19, the SDO for Kumba issued communique, promising a reward of 5 liters of petrol plus an additional 3000 CFA France to each bike rider who would defy the ghost on Monday and go to work.

Our reporter on the ground who sent us pictures of a completely ghosted kumba with empty streets this morning, said he talked to some residents of Kumba, who wondered why the colonial administration always believes they could use money to bribe their way through every problem. The people reject the callous attempt by the administration to tag a financial price to human values as freedom and dignity. They said those who have been killing bikers and seizing their bikes or burning them are the military not the Amba self-defense forces. In rejecting the financial offer from the colonial SDO, the people of Amazonia have once again sent an emphatic message to the colonizer…. Their freedom is not for sale.