Haba life sentenced for a people already classified as compromised? Defiance and resistance of true revolutionary leaders and patriots. After handing them the life sentences, they sang the Ambazonia national anthem Psychotic showmanship is a spoiler of revolutionary strengths and progress. Yes, psychotic showmanship and okrika revolutionary leadership is what will allow any leader in freedom to wage a war against his own citizens in the hands of the enemy with the smear tool that they are compromised.

Knowing the resolve of Our great Amba leaders in jail, those genocidal terrorists thugs will never never never break your spirits. You remain our inspiration and strength and the armour of our brave resistance warriors on the ground. They can give you a billion life sentences and ask you to pay them fines of all the monies a million times their own budget, but all we know is we defeated them long ago, the very moment we conquered the fear of their injustices and made resistance our duty. They may cage you in their dungeons but you are free, for you exist beneath Mount Fako. They may claim they have you. They do not. You are Buea bound and you showed them to their faces when you defiled their so-called sentence with the singing of the glorious song of freedom: the Ambazonia national anthem. Oh what a desperate crumbling nation, la republique du Cameroun.

Christmas Ebini