Massacre in Church: Cameroon Army Shoots Christians in Bali


Wilfred Ndi AmbaNews24, Bamenda

The Cameroon military has invaded the Presbyterian Church in Bali, killing a worshipper and wounding the pastor. At the time of this news release, congregants who managed to escape the gamut of bullets fired into the Church say their pastor’s life is hanging on a balance.

As Christians were in Church for worship on Sunday morning, August 22, 2021, more than one hundred Cameroon military soldiers invaded the town of Bali in Ambazonia’s northern zone, shooting randomly while driving up to the neighborhood of Ntanfoang, Bali.

Within an hour, the Cameroon soldiers attacked the Presbyterian Church while Christians were in religious worship. They shot randomly, killing a lady we got only her first name as Grace, and wounding others including the pastor.

Lifeless body of Grace killed inside the Presbyterian Church

The Cameroon government has made attacking Christian institutions a war strategy as it attempts unsuccessfully to defeat the Ambazonian people in their quest for life, liberty, sovereignty and happiness.

On October 30, 2018, the Cameroon army attacked the car of a US Missionary, Charles Wesco, killing him about 14 kilometers outside of the City of Bamenda.

In November of the same year, the Cameroon military attacked Catholic Christians in Church in Kembong, Mamfe Diocese, killing Fr. Cosmos Ondari, a Mill Hill Missionary priest from Kenya who was serving the Christians.

Since then, the military has continued attacking Christians in their homes and Churches, killing thousands. Most Ambazonians who have lost their lives in this war that dictator Paul Biya declared on the Ambazonian people have been Christians of various denominations.

Presbyterian Church Pastor Receiving Treatment

Speaking to AmbaNews24, a Cameroon soldier who defected and now fights with Ambazonians said they were taught by Cameroun during military training that attacks on churches, schools and hospitals are often necessary during war to force the opposing enemy to surrender. Such killings are intended, he added, to “send a message to the other side that they are ready to go any length, to do anything to achieve victory, even if it means burning babies still in the wombs. The purpose is to scare ‘enemies’ to surrender.”

The situation in Bali is a developing one. A statement is expected from the moderator of the Presbyterian Church as the entire town is in mourning tears.