Mautu Village, Latest Scene of Cameroun’s Massacre of Ambazonia


Villagers of Mautu Village in Fako, in the Southern Zone Amabzonia are still coming to terms with the savagery attack on their village by the Cameroun military. The Cameroun military stormed the village on January 23, 2020, burned down houses and massacred at least five villager.

Eyewitnesses say the Cameroun military moved into the village in search of Ambazonian Freedom Fighters who were not in the village. The soldiers proceeded to round up and kill any male they found around.

Images and videos taken after the raid by villages and widely shared on social media show at least five victims with bullet wounds on the heads and chest. Villagers can be heard in the videos wailing and calling on the international community to put an end to the massacre.

So far, the international community has been largely silent to the current genocide by the Cameroun military on the people of Southern Cameroon – Ambazonia. The President of Cameroun who is 89-years-old and has been in power since 1982, in a recent speech at a military graduation ceremony in Cameroun, repeated his promise to massacre the people of Southern Cameroon – Ambazonia

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