‘Albert Einstein’ resurfaces in the Rubble of a violent war in the Horn of Africa


A 17-year-old rare scientific genius has surfaced from the rubble of a dirty war between French Cameroun Republique and Ambazonia in the horn of Africa, that will make Albert Einstein (1879-1955) the father of modern-day physics and science to smile in his grave.

Blaise Chi Awah who has been forced out of Form 3 or 8th grade in his home town of Bamenda in the former British Southern Cameroons and is now living in Douala, in French Cameroun as an Internally Displaced Person because of the violent conflict has become a sensation in the streets of the city where his roadside exhibitions of his engineering prowess have been attracting the population and the local media.

In a local television appearance video currently gone viral on social media, the young electrical and mechanical engineer, can be seen demonstrating his engineering products made mostly from used paper boxes, light zinc, trashed cans, and other disposable materials. Amongst his prototype products that are currently on exhibition in the streets of Douala is an aeroplane, one of which is said to have flew and disappeared into the sky. The arsenal of inventions also includes an armor military tanker capable of moving and rotating, a bulldozer and an excavator, heavy duty road construction equipment and regular truck with a lifting bed.

The young engineer, in his own words explains elaborately the power and mechanical system and the functional systems of his engineering work.

In a fascinating show of his ingenuity, Blaise Chi Awah, can be seen showcasing his robotics factory with multiple functional robots in operation.

The young scientist says his motivation has come mostly from poverty, narrating how as a young child growing up, his parents could not afford him toys, so he started examining toys from other kids, and trying to design and manufacture his own.

In the TV interview, Blaise Chi Awah is surrounded by his senior brother and other family members whom he said have been motivating him to continue with his scientific works.

Th war in Ambazonia, declared by the French Cameroun Republique in the last three years has been a very destabilizing force for young people like Blaise Chi Awah who have not seen the four walls of a classroom because of the scotch earth policies of French Cameroun that has been occupying the territory, burning down schools, hospitals, towns and committing what many human rights groups have qualified as genocide and war crimes. The government of French Cameroun led by Paul Biya, a brutal dictator who has been in power for close to 40 years has targeted and destroyed similar IT tech hubs developing in Ambazonia notably in Buea where internet cut by the government has been used to cripple a budding silicon industry.

Over 10000 people have been massacred in the last three years according to one estimate as the regime has consistently refused access to international organizations into the country to investigate the crimes. At least 1 million Ambazonians have been internally displaced, and are now living mostly in bushes, while an estimated 500.000 are living as refugees in neighboring countries. At least 4 million Ambazonians have been estimated by donor organizations of needing various kinds of nutritional and humanitarian assistance.