William B. Sone, Che Scholastica, Atemnkeng S. Franklin, and Lysinge Walters
AmbaNews24 Correspondents, USA

For over six decades, the Ambazonian people have endured untold barbarism in the hands of the Republic of Cameroun. This must end, and the Ambazonian diaspora population must change their ways – otherwise, they are implicitly guilty of the continuation of this barbarism.

Every freedom struggle has a jump starter that sets it in motion. It took Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of a bus to start the Civil Rights Movement in the USA over seventy years ago. Ethiopia government’s unilateral dissolution of the federal arrangement, revocation of autonomy and banning of the Eritrean parliament kicked-start the Eritrean War of Independence. When Portugal withdrew from East Timor, the East Timorese declared their independence in November 1975. Nine days after, Indonesia unleashed its army, invaded East Timor and that led to the killing of 250,000 East Timorese. East Timor fought back till it became free, sovereign and independent in 1999.

All these struggles faced various internal crisis, but there was always an event that turned them around, refocused their attention, brought them together, and led to their eventual freedom.

In 2016, Cameroun’s imposition of French magistrates and Francophone teachers in our Anglo-Saxon Ambazonia courts and schools sparked this current Ambazonia Independence Struggle. This struggle has got its share of strives, just as the Eritrean Liberation Struggle that was stifled by internal conflicts between the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) and the Eritrean People Liberation Front (EPLF) until the Eritrean diaspora changed cause. The Ambazonia diaspora needs to change its attitude in this war of independence.   

The Ngarbuh massacre has to be a turning point in the Ambazonia independence struggle. We cannot continue to blame the international community for inadequate counteraction as Paul Biya’s barbarism when we have failed in our own responsibility to focus, shake off internal conflicts, allow fighters in the homeland to concentrate instead of provoking them to attack each other as Louistas Nyehse and Elvis Verjikiva recently instructed the Bui Warriors to attack Ambazonia Defense Forces, and inadvertently pushed ChaCha of the Bui Warriors to his own early grave. To what gains?

Biya’s forces massacre more than 22 in Ngarbuh while the above duo massacre 23 in Bui as though they are acting Spartacus! Has killing Ambazonians become a game in the Roman theatres?

Ambazonians in the homeland and in the diaspora have resigned themselves to two things each. While those in the homeland are fighting for survival, those in the diaspora are mongering over phantom, virtual power in imaginary governments; and while those in the homeland are suffering day after day as they endure lockdowns and Cameroun’s barbarism, those in the diaspora are bickering on social media!

The Ngarbuh massacre must shock the conscience of every Ambazonian in the diaspora and become a turning point. Among the thirty-five children and pregnant women massacred by the Cameroun military, there was Sika Yesminatou (12yrs old), Sika Amsa (9yrs), Sika Alina (7yrs), Sika Yamsi (6yrs), Sika Siliatou (5yrs), Shey Diana (15yrs), Shey Midian (13yrs), Shey Jude (9yrs), Shey Tracy (5yrs), Shey Cynthian (6yrs), Mary Angel (4yrs) and Berinyuy (5months). These are just a few in a long list of babies, pregnant mothers and the elderly massacred by the Cameroun military in Ngarbuh in Donga-Mantung state.

These are not just names: they are human beings with real faces! They are families. These are Ambazonian school children slaughtered by the Yaoundé regime. They have paid the ultimate price of freedom with their lives and innocence while adults and professionals in the name of “Ambazonia diaspora” are daily bickering and fighting over imagined power when they could not use such phantom power to protect these children from being killed.

Burnt Corpse of the massacre by the Cameroun military. A wake up call for Ambazonian diaspora and International Community to take action

Enough is enough!! We cannot continue to call upon the international community to do the right thing when we have failed to call upon ourselves to do the right thing for our own existence, the pursuit of freedom, self-defence and happiness.

The diaspora seems to have normalized these atrocities. Let each one ask himself or herself what he or she has done to prevent the next massacre since the Ngarbuh incidence in the night of February 14 and early morning hours of February 15. It is shocking that while the international media and human rights groups are condemning this massacre, some persons who dare call themselves “Ambazonians” are in WhatsApp fora plotting attacks on other fighters in the homeland and grandstanding over leadership that prefers to see other Ambazonians rot in the jails of Cameroun. This is insanity!!

The diaspora has to refocus! Stop bickering and start acting fully against Cameroun!!

A Catholic priest, Cleretian Father Esua Andrew Nkea, reacting to this massacre told Crux, “It is too much. It is unacceptable that in the 21st century, a government, managed by some individuals should set out to eliminate … people. On February 14, 2020, the military came and killed babies, killed mothers, killed even unborn children, burnt houses …that is too much. It is unacceptable. The international community must rise. It is no more time for advice, it’s time for action,”

Yes, it is time for action, and the Ambazonia diaspora must toe the line and begin action to mobilize and build the international community into a coalition for Ambazonia’s freedom.

  1. Bring the Massacre to the Attention of Your Representative in Your Country

Every Ambazonian in the diaspora lives in a country. Every neighbourhood they live in has a member of Congress, a senator, a parliamentarian, etc that represents his or her constituency in the government of that country! Either individually, as a family, a group of friends resident in that constituency, etc – forget about movements affiliations – you should write to your representative, attach pictures of the massacre and a brief two to three paragraphs background narrative.

In your writing, call upon your representatives to demand that the government of your country slam sanctions on Cameroun for these crimes against humanity. For those that live in countries that are members of the Commonwealth, demand that your government call for the expulsion of Cameroun from the Commonwealth for extensive crimes against humanity. Further ask that your parliament, congress, etc pass a resolution declaring Ambazonians an “Endangered People” under Cameroun’s tyranny and barbarism. This classification has tremendous value in providing moving the international community towards providing protections for Ambazonians in the homeland under the principle of the Responsibility to Protect.

The more the number of individuals, families, group of friends, etc writing to your representative, the more his or her office cannot ignore you and the more he or she will take action! No one, no family, no circle of friends, no group of neighbours, etc in any constituency needs permission from anyone to do this! Request a meeting and go to the office of your representative! What is losing a day’s work for this mission compared to the lives of these massacred children and those that have been killed in other areas for the past three years? Your voice counts. There are Ambazonians in almost every country in this world. Cameroun cannot stop us in every parliament, congress, senate, House of Lord, etc in the whole world.

  1. Call on the Government of Your Resident Country to Recognize the Right of Ambazonians to Self-Determination

The recognition of the right of the Ambazonian people to self-determination is the breakthrough Ambazonia needs in the international community. Does the diaspora expect Ambazonians in the homeland to travel to the global west, south, east and north to push countries to do this? No! It is the responsibility of each Ambazonian in the country in which he or she is resident to work towards this. 

Cameroun thinks it can murder Ambazonians and go free because it has not seen decisive action in the international community that threatens its position that this conflict is a domestic issue in which the Cameroun government can act as it pleases. The diaspora has the responsibility to change this!

Request your Senator or Congressman or parliamentarian or Lord, or whatever title is used in your country of residence, to put forward a Resolution in Congress, in the House of Lord, in Parliament, in Senate, in the Bundestag, etc recognizing the right of the Ambazonian People to Self-Determination.

How comes only the USA has hitherto slammed sanctions on Cameroun? Are there no Ambazonians in all other countries? What are they doing? Elvis Verjikiva and Louistas, the architects of the Bui massacre are in Germany and the UK respectively. Why not focus on getting the House of Lords in the UK and the Bundestag in Germany to adopt resolutions recognizing Ambazonia, and allow those in the homeland to focus on fighting Cameroun?

There are at least 20,000 Ambazonians in the continent of Europe. How many have written to their representative in the European Union Parliament?

The Ambazonia diaspora must get up and rethink its role in this liberation struggle!! Take action!! Get off Facebook quarrels, and do something that makes a significant difference.

  • Occupy Cameroun’s Embassies Abroad

In 2017, before power mongers confused the diaspora, Ambazonians took over the Cameroun embassy in South Africa and Canada, chased Lauran Esso from Belgium, etc. That was not done because of a Seseku government or a Sako government. Just as Dr Cho Ayaba and others took over the Cameroun embassy in Germany in 2002, Ambazonians followed that example and took over the Cameroun embassies around the world. 

It took one person, a lady, Rosa Park, too spark the civil rights movement in the USA. You can bring Ambazonians together to take over the Cameroun Embassies in every country around the world. Do you live in the City where there is Cameroun embassy? Go and get a demonstration permit. Flash it everywhere on social media – this is the way social media should be used – not for useless quarrels. Mobilize and occupy the Cameroun embassy in your country.

Go there with large placards bearing the blood, the slaughtered and burnt corpses of these children. Chase Cameroun’s diplomats. Tell those Cameroun imbecile ambassadors that if they say we are Cameroun citizens, then we have a right to be in those embassies because the ground of those embassies should be our national territory.

Through your occupation of those embassies, pull the attention of Television and Radio Stations in your country, and get Ambazonia’s resistance on international media. Get Cameroun’s atrocities on media everywhere.

We must sacrifice, lie on the streets in front of those embassies, etc. Those in the homeland are subjecting their bodies to pain and anguish in this resistance; the diaspora must do the same.

  • Leave Ground Zero Fighters Alone

Stop instigating conflicts on Ground Zero! That is not your role as the diaspora.

Let the Bui Warriors hand over all ADF materials in their keeping. Let any force on ground zero return whatever it owes another force. Let the blood of these massacred children – if you value it – cause of change of heart.

Going forward, the Ambazonian people should eliminate any force, group of extortionist or kidnappers that attacks another force or group in the homeland. Any force that attacks another Ambazonian fighting group should be wiped out of existence.

The homeland is not a place for experiments with human life!! Everyone should learn to stay on their lane and focus on Cameroun.

  • Kick Out Bickerers and Confusion Creators from Whatsapp Fora

Cameroun agents have infiltrated many WhatsApp groups. Most of them are either current members of the terrorist and blood-sucking political party called CPDM, or they are sons and daughters of CPDM subscribers who are eating fat from the Yaoundé vampire regime and killing Ambazonians.

These infiltrators never let people concentrate. They are daily making and/or sharing audios that seek to blackmail, divide and create more confusion and mistrust among Ambazonians. They are daily writing diatribes attacking one person or another and turning WhatsApp fora and other social media platforms into platforms of distraction.

Kick all these people out! Declare one hundred days of sanity in the forum. Anyone who makes, shares, circulates, or poses any writing, audio, etc that attacks another group or another leader should be kicked out of the forum.

Whatsapp fora should be all about focusing against Cameroun.

  • Speak in Your Churches

Many Ambazonians are religious. We are in all kinds of Churches in the diaspora, but we have failed to maximize those churches to bring international attention to the plight of our people.

The South African diaspora created global sympathy for their fight against apartheid through the Churches. They got the Presbyterian Church in Norway, the Southern Baptist in America, etc on their side!

Some of the most influential people in high places in this world are members of Churches we attend, or there is someone in that Church who has access to persons whose words can bring down Cameroun.

Write to your parish priest, pastor, bishop or imam and ask for three to five minutes to speak to your congregation at the end of Holy Mass or service on Sunday.

Before leaving for Church, prepare a petition to your representative asking him or her to sponsor a resolution in parliament or congress:

  • Condemning these atrocities;
  • declaring Ambazonians an endangered people;
  • recognizing the right of Ambazonians as a people to self-determination under international law;
  • Calling on the government of your resident country to impose sanctions on Cameroun;
  • Calling on the United Nations to compose and send a fact-finding mission to Ambazonia (asking the Cameroun government to investigate the atrocities is like asking ISIS to investigate its beheading of people, or asking Boko Haram to investigate its massacres);
  • Call on your resident government to provide humanitarian assistance to Ambazonia refugees in Nigeria, and through humanitarian organizations on the ground to our IDPs.

On Sunday, take the podium and speak passionately about what is going on in Ambazonia. Ask for prayers on our Ambazonia homeland ad for our people, for humanitarian support to our suffering people, and, ask them to sign your petition to your representative.

Politicians take petitions seriously in democracies because each signature on that petition is one vote that determines whether they win or lose the next election.

Ambazonian diaspora, get up from slumber and get to work. Wait for no leader, wait for no one! Just as those on Ground Zero are fighting block by block, the diaspora has to fight parliament by parliament, foreign ministry by foreign ministry, embassy by embassy, church by church, until Cameroun it booted out of our land.