English Translation of an Article by
Michel Biem Tong, web-journalist in exile

There is no point in continuing a war that we have lost and that we are certain we cannot win. But Yaoundé’s power seems to have chosen to fall into an arrogant and blind falsehood while the reality is cruel. When Paul Biya and his secularists declared war on the “secessionist terrorists” on November 30, 2017, what did we not hear? “We have defeated Boko Haram, it is not bandits with shotguns that will overtake us. The BIR will finish this case in 3 weeks».

When we gave ourselves a few weeks to win a war and after two years, we lost control of much of the territory; it means that we have been defeated. When some of the most powerful units in the army have been deployed, such as the Rapid Response Battalion (BIR), the Motorized Infantry Battalion (MRB), the Airborne Troop Battalion (APGT) and its 100 snipers while that on the other side, the Defense Forces (English-speaking independence forces) are still there, more than ever, dictating their laws and exerting their influence on the local population, these are the signs of failure.

When instead of annihilating the enemy, the unarmed poor innocent civilians are attacked by razing their villages, burning markets, hospitals, destroying fields, breaking down the doors of houses to get the occupants out and shoot them, and killing even babies is a sign of frustration and defeat. When we were forced to set up a Committee on Disarmament and Mobilization to force the adversary to lay down their arms, it shows clearly that we lost the war.

When six months after its creation, the Committee on Disarmament and Mobilization is in fact home to only about forty long-distance bandits and not the real combatants, it is a sign of defeat. When counter-revolutionary techniques (North-West/South-West division, Bororo/Bantu opposition, false “Amba Boys” created by English-speaking elites close to the power in place and even within the army, etc.) and that they all ended in failure, we sit down and do an examination of conscience.

When thousands of soldiers desert the army to join the enemy’s camp or to take refuge in neighbouring Nigeria and many other countries where they become night watchmen, these are signs of defeat. It is time that the spirit of Paul Biya and his toxic military advisers open up to wisdom and calls for negotiations by the international community.

Only negotiations will offer the Biya regime the opportunity to tell the anglophones on the basis of which principle of international law a territory formerly under the tutelage of the United Nations and which obtained its independence on October 1, 1961 has became part of the territory of the Republic of Cameroon, also former territory under the UN guardianship and became independent on since January 1 1960. Let’s look at the negotiations. But since Yaoundé lacks arguments…

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