Paul Biya Succumbs to Threat of Removal from Power, Releases Rebecca Enonchong


Alfredo R. Obi
AmbaNews24 Correspondent, Douala

The Yaounde junta regime of Paul Biya has released Rebecca Enonchong from detention in its dungeons.

The release comes after serious international pressure within the last forty eight hours of her arrest. Tibor Nagy, the former US Secretary of State for African Affairs, for example, at 1:10pm ET, yesterday, August 12, 2021 tweeted: “Does the Cameroon government have no shame? Even Putin exercises more finesse in jailing people for their politics. Time for major changes in Yaounde.”

The Cameroon government, fearing that this might insight the west to bring down Biya and his Yaounde cabal hurriedly released Enonchong.

Enonchong is one of those who had signed a memo to the World Bank asking that it should not provide more loans to Cameroon because the Yaounde government embezzled over US $300million provided to the Biya regime to be used in the fight against Covid. Enonchong has also not been silent against the killing of Ambazonian women and children by the Cameroon military.

The abduction, detention, and deprivation of the liberty of Enonchong is one in a long list of what Ambazonians face under Cameroon. No Ambazinian can ever know peace under occupation by Cameroon. The only way Ambazonians can know peace, the only place they can find peace and joy, and live freely is in a sovereign country of their own.

All those who are dreaming they can find peace under Cameroon will get up one day to find themselves detained in New Bell prison or underground in SED, Yaounde for trumped up charges.