By now most Ambazonians must have seen the letter written and signed from the Kondengui prison by nine of our Nera prisoners purporting to distance themselves from a write-up that was made by Pa Tassang Wilfred pointing out some issues concerning Kamto’s role in the Ambazonian revolution.

In case you did not read Pa Tassang’s write-up, let me summarize:

He said the following:

  1. Kamto is a liar, for denying that his team ever met the Nera team in prison, when in fact they did meet;
  2. That he is known as one of the best legal minds of his country;
  3. That it was under his watch that plans were made to decimate the Common Law system in Cameroon;
  4. That he knows our history well and is an authority on international law and one would expect him to have been one of the first to cry foul against illegal occupation, but he is not doing so;
  5. That the man doesn’t even flatter us; he doesn’t think we are worth humouring;
  6. That what he wants from Ambazonia is that we assist him overthrow Biya so that he may further enshrine our servitude;
  7. That he is not the kind of person we should fool around with in the name of seeking sympathizers;
  8. He would be a more formidable enemy than Biya and is in fact worse than Biya.

I am not usually concerned by all these individual intrigues, but I am somehow curious on this one and want to reflect a little bit on it. Some audios are already circulating on Social Media on this particular subject. The purpose of the reflection is to call the attention of those who have the opportunity to find out more to indeed do so for the sake of our revolution.

The issues that concern me are these:

  1. Is Tassang Wilfred the Secretary to the Nera 10?
  2. Had they agreed that the writings of Tassang would represent their collective opinion?
  3. If Tassang is not the Secretary to the Nera 10 and there was no agreement that what he writes would be a reflection of their collective opinion, on what basis then could they come out with a disclaimer on something written by Pa Tassang and bearing his personal name, and with no indication in the writing that he was writing on their collective behalf? Is it normal for a group of people to come out to distance themselves from an opinion expressed and claimed by an individual merely because they share the same prison together or were arrested together? Should Tassang no longer express a personal opinion, or perhaps an opinion on Kamto? How often have the Nera 10 distanced themselves from other opinions expressed by Comrade Tassang?
  4. I had written an article on Kamto’s role in the Ambazonian war of independence, which I would publish again here. Should the Nera 9 also come out to disclaim my opinions in that article as not representing their position? What indeed is that position they want to defend?
  5. Is it normal at all that in war time persons whose families and people are being killed should abandon one of their own for criticizing a supporter of the war and rally on the side of the supporter of the war?
  6. Kamto stands for a “one-and-indivisible” Cameroon; do we need any other proof to know that he would also wage war against Ambazonia since Ambazonia vehemently disagrees with him?

I have no desire to inflame the situation. But something is very worrying in this disclaimer: there is something to it other than what Comrade Tassang said! This is not simply a public display of the friendship that the 9 who signed the letter suppose they owe Kamto! What special concern do they have about Kamto that they should choose to disclaim only this particular write-up of Comrade Tassang? You have seen the points made by Tassang above; which particular opinion expressed by Comrade Tassang are they distancing themselves from? What has he said that is untrue from his own point of view? How can they even disagree with his point of view?

The strangest of all is to see the signature of Comrade Nfor Ngalla Nfor on that disclaimer. If he did indeed sign it, then Prison is really capable of turning white into black! It is totally unbelievable that Ambazonians should abandon their own fellow prisoner to rally on the side of someone supporting a heinous war against their people!!!

I will not draw any conclusion, because it would all be circumstantial. However, one thing is certain beyond all doubt: there is something hidden in this disclaimer that we are not seeing. Those who can find out the truth should find out what this disclaimer is hiding. What is it intended to achieve? Why was it made? What position do these 9 signatories have that is so different from that of Comrade Tassang? What has Comrade Tassang said that deserves distancing themselves from?

Let me put this to those who are dealing with Kamto and his supporters:
The only way Kamto can convince me that he is not worse than Biya is for him to commit in writing that, should he become president of LRC, he would refer the dispute over the sovereignty of the former British Southern Cameroons to the ICJ for adjudication. If this man is not just another Biya, he must admit that in the 21st Century we don’t claim sovereignty by war, but by legal means. He should be able to show his legal prowess, as he did in the Bakassi case, to establish how, when and by what instruments the inalienable right of the people of the Southern Cameroons was displaced by LRC. He too must be another Biya for not having already suggested that this matter ought to be referred to the ICJ to settle! This is pure armed robbery for LRC and her people to want to claim foreign territory by force of arms!

Alternatively, he should commit in writing that should he become president of LRC, he will refer the matter to the UN for a UN-organised referendum for the People of the Southern Cameroons to determine if they wish to govern themselves on their own internationally defined territory or to have some form of treaty-based relation with neighbouring LRC.

Those two points are for Ambazonian friends of Kamto to take up with him. I have not heard the legal Kamto even hinting on solving this problem through legal means! He seems to believe, like all LRC does, that weapons and imposition are the way to go.

Let all those who support the KIG get them to come clean about this disclaimer. It is utter strange how our people will abandon their own to rally on the side of their killers. Thank goodness this disclaimer will help make things clear.