By Aamir Bisma
AmbaNews24 Correspondent, Bamenda

On May 20, heavy gun battle between Ambazonia pro-independence fighters and the Cameroun military turned the localities of Alakuma and Nitop in Bamenda into war zones reminiscent of America’s invasion of Iraq.

A suspicious atmosphere overshadowed the localities throughout the day as Cameroun soldiers roamed the streets as though in search of specific enemy combatants. A heavily armed unit was temporarily stationed in front of the Alakum Ccatholic Church for some hours. As night fell, sounds of light and heavy war artillery engulfed the areas for over six hours.

Fearing for their lives, most local residents took to their heels in the darkness of night into the bushes.

At daybreak, an uneasy calm reigned in the area. The number of casualties on both sides remains unknown.  Such gun battles have become the common and familiar sounds of war in towns and villages in the “Anglophone Regions of Cameroon” as the armed struggle for the liberation and independence of the territory, now named “Ambazonia”, from rule by Cameroun rages on.