SDF To Quit Parliament Finally


By Ashu Stanislaus   
AmbaNews24 Correspondent – Yaoundé, Cameroun

The Social Democratic Front (SDF) political party has sent out a stern warning to the Paul Biya regime in Yaoundé, threatening to walk out of the Cameroun National Assembly November this year if the current independence conflict in Ambazonia is not resolved. The party further threatens that if elections are held under the current circumstances, the SDF will not participate; a decision which the party says will be ‘tantamount to breaking the country into two’.

Ambazonian separatists have welcomed the move, which they have been pressuring the party to take as a way of making the case for Ambazonia’s independence stronger.

The threats from Cameroon’s main opposition party are following sustained pressure and physical threats by independence-seeking armed groups that have asked the party, which supporters were predominantly in the Ambazonian territory to take a firm stand by withdrawing all its dozen parliamentarians of the party representing Ambazonian constituencies in the National Parliament of Cameroun.

The decision by the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the SDF that held over the weekend in the French Cameroun city of Douala follows a series of serious security incidences where the emblematic leader of the party. Ni John Fru Ndi has been helplessly arrested, detained and questioned by the Ambazonia Defense Forces ADF over his party’s continuous presence in the National Assembly in Cameroun when the Ambazonian people have made the claim for their independence very clear.

Ni John Fru Ndi has been arrested and questioned twice by the ADF in the last three months. His political influence and the favor he once enjoyed in the Ambazonia territory has dwindled significantly since the Ambazonia independence conflict intensified in 2016. His current weakness and vulnerability indicate the changing power dynamics within the entire Ambazonian territory where credible intelligence indicates that the armed independence movements control over 80% of the entire 43,000km sq that make up the territory of the former British Southern Cameroons ((Ambazonia).

Political observers in the Ambazonian community are saluting the SDF for what one activist described as a strong signal to the Yaoundé dictatorial regime of Paul Biya that the Ambazonia quest for independence is non-negotiable.

The ongoing war was declared by Paul Biya of the Republic of Cameroun on November 30th, 2017 following peaceful protests from Ambazonia teachers and lawyers against systematic attempts to completely assimilate the Anglo-Saxon culture of Ambazonia by the majority Francophone regime in Cameroun. This assimilation and re-colonization campaign started on October 30th, 1961 when an independent Cameroun violated international law and extended its boundary into the internationally recognized boundary of the then UN Trust territory of The British Southern Cameroons by brute force, despite a United Nations vote and resolution granting independence to Southern Cameroons which is today’s Ambazonia.

The current annexation and territorial dispute have been identified as the root cause of the war and genocide that the international community has accused the regime in Yaoundé of perpetuating. A solution according to international experts is for French Cameroun republic to respect its borders by withdrawing its deployed forces from Southern Cameroons territory to its official borders obtained on January 1, 1960, when its obtained independence from colonial France. This boundary does not include Ambazonia and has never been changed at the United Nations Secretariat in New York.