AmbaNews 24

Sources at the Bamenda General Hospital have now confirmed, and Bareta News has reported that 6 BIR forces have been killed in a fierce battle in Alabukam in Mankon. An ADF General was wounded in the battle and is responding to treatment.

AmbaNews 24 has received a briefing from ADF sources that after the arrival of a truckload of terrorist forces of the French Cameroon Rapid Intervention Brigade also known as the BIRs arrived Alabukam near Mankon In Bamenda to install a satellite base camp, little did they know that the area is controlled by the Ambazonia Defense Forces.

The ADF forces engaged the terrorist forces in a fierce battle that left several of the BIRs dead and wounded. This information has been confirmed by Bareta News.

The terrorist forces of LRC were not able to set up the camp and pulled out of Alabukam, while the ADF central command sends backup fighters to the area.