“South West Chiefs Conference” Rebuffs the Creation of University of Buea Annex in Akonolinga


Christian Ashu and Susan B. Nalowa AmbaNews24, Finland

The chiefs of the various tribes and villages in the southern states of Ambazonia who currently associate under the name, “South West Chiefs Conference” have sent a stinking letter to the Senate of the University of Buea rebuffing the creation of a University of Buea Annex campus in Akonolinga.

The University of Buea is an Anglo-Saxon academic citadel in the State of Fako in Ambazonia. Akonolinga is in the central Region of Cameroon that annexed Ambazonia on October 1, 1961 and has since then occupied the territory, dominated and oppressed the Ambazonian people.

In the letter to the Senate of the University, signed by Njie Martin Mafany, the President of the Conference, on 19 August, 2021, the traditional rulers make a number of implicative arguments that should churn stomachs in the corridors of Power in Yaounde. First, the University of Buea is an Anglo-Saxon University with its language of instruction being English. Akonolinga is in La Republique du Cameroun where the language of academic instructions is French. As such, the University and Akonolinga are linguistically incompatible.

Secondly, the armed struggle for the sovereignty of Ambazonia and its liberation from Cameroun’s occupation has been going on for four years. That has significantly affected education in the territory. Instead of engaging in meaningful actions that address the root cause of the conflict and resolve it once and for all, the Cameroun government is throwing gasoline in fire by creating a Buea University Annex in Akonolinga. This step is an “action that will further complicate the present situation.”

Many in the diaspora and in the homeland already see the creation of the university annex as a ploy by the Cameroon government to deprive the University of Buea of much needed, qualified lecturers who will rather be sent to Akonolinga henceforth. Furthermore, various academic instruments such as research equipment in the University of Buea will be relocated to Akonolinga to serve the interest of Cameroun’s francophone citizens while depriving Ambazonia children of quality education. The Cameroon government will engage in this destruction of University of Buea while imposing and collecting taxes from the Ambazonian people.

The creation of the Buea University Annex in Akonolinga truly “complicates” the ongoing conflict because it supports the Ambazonian “separatists” argument that Cameroun is constantly and systematically taking actions that deprive the Ambazonian people justice in courts, good education, excellent healthcare, economic development, peace, and tranquility. As such, Ambazonians have no option but to fight to liberate their homeland from Cameroun in order to secure for themselves the benefits of life, liberty, education, prosperity and happiness.    

One significant thing also frustrates the chiefs. To decongest the University of Buea, they had asked for the decentralization of the University with various faculties and schools spread in the different States of the Southern Zone of Ambazonia. They had proposed that the Faculty of Agriculture should be relocated to Ekondo Titi in Ndian; Fisheries and Marine Studies should be in Limbe in Fako; the School of Mines and Geology should be taken to Mamfe in Manyu; the School of Pharmacy and Pharmacopeia should go to Menji in Lebialem; the School of Engineering and Cyber Criminology should be relocated to Kumba in Meme, and the Higher Teacher Training College should sit in Bangem in Kupe Muanenguba. Instead of heeding to this decentralization plan, the Cameroon government mocks the chiefs by simply imposing a Buea University Annex in Akonolinga.

The behavior of the autocratic Yaoundé regime is not strange. The Cameroun government gives a damn about anything dealing with the welfare of the Ambazonian people. It gives no listening ear to Ambazonians; it simply imposes anything it wishes. No people can forever live under such tyranny! All nations have a natural right to free themselves from such despotism and set for themselves a new “social contract” or constitution, and a new government in their own sovereign country to guarantee their prosperity and happiness.

The actions and ploys of the Cameroun government for more than sixty years should send a resounding message to all Ambazonians that they can never find truth, peace, and happiness existing under or with the Republic of Cameroun. That country is deceitful and is constantly planning moves to destroy the Ambazonian people. Cameroon cannot be trusted even with cadavers meant for the grave, and whoever seeks to enter into federation, confederation, or unitary state existence with Cameroun should know that he does so at his own greatest risk and peril!