Amba News 24 Correspondent

The catholic Diocese of Kumbo, in the North West Region is by all standards one of the most hit in the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonian conflict that has claimed thousands of lives and left many more in the state of fear and despondency.

 Hundreds of thousands have been displaced from the restive regions including the Bui and Donga Mantung divisions. Many of them are now resident in Bamenda and other parts of the country under horrifying conditions.

Hunger, sickness, psychological trauma and exploitation of their vulnerabilities by their hosts and new community are the challenges facing them. The Bishop of Kumbo, His lordship George Nkou has swung into action, dispatching a team of Caritas – Linburg workers to comfort some registered IPDs in Bamenda.

Scores of displaced persons, mostly women turned out at the Bamenda Metropolitan Cathedral premises for a food distribution exercise. But the recipients also heard comforting words from the the Lords Shepard. It is not a very sunny day at the Big Mankon Cathedral premises where hundreds of mainly women and children turned out to receive food aid from the catholic diocese of Kumbo. Most of them were looking sad. Others just kept staring on the ground like their minds had been fighting Cameroun soldiers or the Ambazonia Separatists.

In his open message to Christians of the diocese, read out by Yvonne FonkaYela, Bishop George Nkuo said the church was with the people going through the crisis. “We are aware that many of you have relocated to Bamenda in search of safety following the socio-political crisis which has led to a lot of killings and burning of many of our homes’ said the Bishops letter, and went on that  ‘I’m sure most of you have been victims of this crisis in one way or the other, and  I an sending this delegation of pastoral workers from the Diocese of Kumbo just to greet you; to pray with you, and to find out how you are coping. They will have a chance to share with you our concerns and our love for you all. Where it is possible, they will share with you the little gift they bring.

Together, let us pray that this crisis will end soon, and that you will return to your normal life in Kumbo”. As Rev. Fr. Daniel A. Amuhngwa Diocesan coordinator put it, the support being offered to the IDPs is more than just food. “In other areas, for example in Kumbo, where we have jurisdiction, this package is also accompanied with health assistance; where there is regular medical consultation and regular medication supplies to those who need them; among which he said they have discovered real cases of hypertension caused by trauma .

The church, according to the delegation has also had to deal with psychological problems that have arisen because of the state in which people have found themselves, especially those who have lost family members and or property.

They narrated instances of people who consider the influx of displaced persons as an opportunity for exploitation and mistreatment of others. The Bishop cautioned against the ill treatment of other human beings