Success Nkongho & Leonard Nambere: Traitors Who Thought They Can Betray The Ambazonia War of Independence.

Ellie Smith, Nambere, & Success Nkongho Meeting in Abuja to Plan on Betraying the Ambazonia Cause

Arrey Elvis Ebot, Limbe, Fako County

Success Nkongho alias ‘Dr. Success’, and the former Ambazonian fighter popularly known as ‘General Nambere have crossed the carpet to join the La Republique du Cameroun enemy camp in a move that have led many Ambazonian citizens gnashing their teeth in disbelief considering their actions as a betrayal of the Ambazonia course for freedom from the colonial rule of French Cameroun.

Success Nkongho on arrival at the Nsimalen Airport Yaounde, December 31, 2019

Success Nkongho is a very controversial individual who parachuted himself into the Ambazonian struggle in the late 2016 and used his Facebook outings, and manipulative tendencies to infiltrate all the main groups of the Ambazonian quest for Freedom. He has famously claimed that he is a ’Man of God’ or pastor and has used these claims to hoodwink vulnerable Ambazonians in asylum racketeering, influence peddling and security breaches. For example, there are many who have accused Success Nkongho of actively participating in the plot that ended with the arrest and transfer to the LRC enemy in Yaounde of Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and the other Ambazonian leaders from the Nera hotel in Abuja two years ago on January 5, 2018. His recent action has laid credence to this suspicion, as many Ambazonians are watching in disbelief as he has openly come out as a traitor of the Ambazonian people with his current activity with the Yaounde colonial regime. Yet Success Nkongho himself had openly confessed in subsequent Facebook outings that he was very closed and had unfettered access to Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe as the head of the Interim Government. Success Nkongho was the first person to circulate information about the arrest of Sisiku Ayuk and the other leaders, and it has always been an open question how he was privileged to this information even as he had came out following this sad incident to openly accused the former Secretary General of the Interim Government Milan Atam of masterminding the coup against the Ambazonian leaders.

The dubious and nefarious activities of Success Nkongho has equally crossed path with the AGC/ADF and the result has been like that of an inside infiltrator and traitor. He has been accused of being involved with reporting the leader of the AgovC Dr. Cho L. Ayaba to the Nigerian secret service. He is said to have advised the Nigerian authorities to ban the entry of the AGovC leader in Nigeria, alleging that Dr. Cho Ayaba was using Nigerian territory to destabilize La Republique du Cameroun. More directly, the AGovC has suffered significant financial losses to Success Nkongho, who took $15,000.00 meant for supplies during the period where he was serving as the chairman of the Eyumojock Self-Defense Force (ESDF, but changed his telephone number immediately he took the cash and disappeared.

Success Nkongho has also been at the crosshair with the Interim Government group of Dr. Samuel Sako over alleged financial improprieties. His recent outing on Facebook in this latest act of betrayal promising that he will bring the Lebialem Field Marshal of the Red Dragons and Gen. RK of the BSCF to the colonial enemy in Yaounde is very revealing as to the true identity of this planted mole in the Ambazonia War of Independence.

As to his partner in crime to the betrayal of the Ambazonian people, Gen. Nambere’s outing in the enemy camp, in Yaounde has come to confirm what many have been suspecting that this lousy individual was a vulnerable coward and weakling who was capable of betraying the struggle if money was dangled in front of him. Gen. Nambere first appeared in the struggle as a foot soldier recruited and trained under the direction of late Gen. Ivo Mbah and the ADF. As still a junior officer in the ADF, he was manipulated and bought over by the Dr. Sako IG group as they were trying to destabilize the military strength of the ADF. In this blind quest, Nambere was bought over, and made a general by Pastor John Egyewan of the Dr. Sako IG group. His activities in the Sako IG group as a general has been characterized by making and posting videos on Facebook without showing any evidence of fighting the colonial forces. He is said to have actively participated in the masterminding of the plot the took away the life of his former boss the late General Ivo Mbah in December of 2018. After this tragedy Nambere escaped to Nigeria, according to some sources, fearing that his knowledge of the plot against Gen. Ivo Mbah could let to a revenge on his life. Ever since he settled in Nigeria, he has become even more vulnerable, making and posting videos on Facebook attacking his former bosses of the Dr. Sako IG group of all the evils and of financial stinginess. He has complained of the refusal of the Dr. Sako IG group to send promised funds.

Nambere on arrival at the Yaounde Nsimalen Airport on December 31, 2019

It is no wonder that Gen. Nambere found a good partner in Success Nkongho, and that the two were part of the mission allegedly sponsored by the Swiss initiative to travel to Ghana to meet with the Swiss dialogue/mediation team with the help of other players like Dr. Ebenezer Akwanga.

The current saga involving these two prominent traitors, is a pattern by the colonial regime in Yaoude to use Ambazonia citizens as enablers to break the back of the Ambazonian struggle and maintain the occupation of Ambazonia by French Cameroun. This episode must be an eye opener to the Ambazonian people to be very careful to the fact the not everybody who shouts on Facebook is necessarily committed to the course of freedom and independence of Ambazonia. As the leader of the struggle Dr. Cho L. Ayaba has said often, there are many enablers working for the colonial master, but still pretending to be fighting on behalf of the Ambazonian suffering people.

Ambazonians must shine their eyes in 2020!