Suspected French Camerounian Mercenaries among Gunmen who Killed 36 Nigerians in Jos City


Stephen Chukwu AmbaNews24 Lagos, Nigeria

At least 36 Nigerian citizens have been confirmed dead, and scores of others seriously wounded following a midnight raid on Tuesday 08/24/2021 by gunmen in the small village of Yelwa Zangaam, in the city of Jos – Plateau state of Nigeria. The raid and killings according to the AmbaNews24 correspondent in Abuja has come to expose the very high insecurity situation that is threatening to tear the country apart. CNN, has confirmed this tragedy and said the killings was a well-coordinated ‘house to house’ attack.

State officials in the city have acknowledged that some of the attackers have been arrested including many people from the Fulani tribe who have a history of dominating other smaller ethnic groups of the country. One source within the security services in the city has told our correspondent Joy Olafimi that at least three of the gunmen have been identified as French speaking, coming from neighboring Cameroun. One of the three Camerounians has been identified as a gendarme officer. Yet our correspondent is still trying to get more information about this new twist to the story. In a tactical move, the assailants bombed the main bridge leading into the area, thus stopping an attempt by state security operatives to gain quick access to the area.

According to our correspondent, Simon Lalong the governor of the Plateau state has imposed a 24-hour curfew in the area. Ironically, it has been less than two weeks since another curfew was lifted following the killing of 22 people within the same locality.

The news of the presence of mercenaries from neighboring French Cameroun is going to stir pots both in Abuja, and in Yaounde – Cameroun because this sad situation is happening just a few days after a high-level Cameroun and Nigeria joint security meeting held in the Nigerian capital to fight cross border insecurity between the two countries. The two old and very tired regimes had met to plan to target and thwart the independence aspirations of Ambazonia which has been suffering under the brutal occupation and colonization of Cameroun Republique on the one hand, and the Biafra people who have been agitating and clamoring for a fair distribution of their massive natural resources that has been hijacked and being control by the Fulani hegemony that has been controlling Nigeria since the country gained its independence in 1960.

Many observers have made a mockery of the evil alliance by the two old regimes, because of their inability to quell the violence, and very high insecurity in these two countries, yet are pretending to be able to stop the Ambazonian people from aspiring to gain their independence. This is a developing story!