By Karl
AmbaNews24 Correspondent – Germany

John Mbah Akuro, activist and leader of the consortium , one of the movements initially invited for the so-called Swiss led negotiation talks on the Ambazonia conflict has cautioned Ambazonians not to be carried away by what he describes as cosmetic measures by the regime of Paul Biya to manipulate the international community in to believing that they are having talks with the people of Ambazonia.

Revealing startling details from a leaked confidential letter from the resident coordinator of the UN system in Cameroon Mrs. Alegra, to President Biya, a copy Mr. Akuro claimed to have laid hands-on, the activist condemns the obscurity of the way the Swiss led initiative is unfolding. According to the letter, Mrs. Alegra informs president Biya that the swiss NGO, HD is facing difficulties in winning the acceptance and trust of the “Anglophones”. She says the people are skeptical about HD being the only negotiator, and that they would also want other reliable negotiators to be at the table. To circumvent this obstacle, Mrs. Alegra informs the president of the visit of a certain Mr. Phillip Lichtenberg from another Swiss NGO (Swiss Peace) to Cameroon, with the intention of gathering relevant information from other UN organs in the country on the Anglophone problem. The deal is to get Swiss peace involved in the negation together with HD, so as to try to win over the trust of Ambazonians. According to Mr. Akuro, the letter informed Mr. Biya, that if no significant measures are seen to have been taken by September, the issue would be referred to the UN Security Council and there would be consequences. It is in the backdrop of this pressure that the Biya regime is fighting to use state resources, including resources from the occupied territory to pay NGOs to organize a make-believe peace talk, the activist warns.

Mr. Akuro emphasized the fact that Ambazonians are not opposed to negotiations, but what they completely reject is the kind of blackmail, manipulation, conspiracies, and the obscurity shrouding the so-called peace initiative. He labels to ongoing conspiracy as a second Foumban conference and says Ambazonians should not let themselves be tricked in an age of information