Switzerland Mocks “Ambazonia Cheap Men”


Alfred Ndi, AmbaNews24 Correspondent Geneva, Switzerland

It was June 27, 2019 – almost eleven months ago – that the Swiss government told the world that it had received the consent of the parties, and was thus engaged in facilitating “talks” for the end of the conflict in Ambazonia. The Swiss Foreign Ministry said it had enlisted the services of the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) to lead the Swiss-talks process.

This has turned out to be one of the greatest scams ever orchestrated in the international relations of the Ambazonia struggle – and as dangerous to the freedom of the Ambazonia people from colonial dominion and oppression by Cameroun. It is only comparable to, if not worse than, the embezzlement of more than US $800,000 (over 490 million cfa) by Ikome Sako Samuel and a group of others in the “MyTripToBuea” mafia scheme that has deprived the Ambazonia struggle of significant funding for self-defense, diplomatic successes, and humanitarian assistance to refugees. It is an international scam also as dangerous to the freedom struggle as the propagation of tribalistic divisions within the Ambazonia fold by Chris Anu.

Ikome Sako Samuel and a group of others in the “MyTripToBuea” mafia scheme

Interestingly, the Ikome Sako IG group faction is very close to the Swiss – the wedding of scam twins. But to the Swiss, they simply took advantage of the naivety and desperation on the faces of those who claim to be revolutionary leaders to deliver Ambazonia to Cameroun. In fact, the Swiss themselves have been asking how it is possible that men could be so cheap and foolish to fall for anything the Swiss throw out in the twenty first century. Let me explain!

  • It began with Intelligence Gathering Veiled in a SWOT Analysis

At the very beginning of the Swiss-Scam Process, HD gathered Boh Herbert, Akwanga Ebenezar and others in a room. They gave them the impression that they were on the side of Ambazonia, and asked the unwitting men to do a SWOT analysis of the Ambazonia liberation struggle. Those “Ambazonia leaders” (excuse my decency to call them so) completed the process with the Swiss. What they failed to see was that in the SWOT analysis, they were telling the Swiss the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that exist in the Ambazonia Struggle.

At the end of the process, the Swiss knew all the weak points of the Ambazonia struggle that they could easily exploit to keep Ambazonians confused, deceived and exploited for Cameroun’s victory. And since then, the Swiss have been making good use of that analysis to cause Ambazonian fighters to surrender to Cameroun and to block any other party in the international system from rising up to begin a credible negotiation process.

Ebenezer Akwanga, Boh Herbert, and Samuel Ikome Sako infront of the United Nations Headquarter in New York City, New York
  • The Leap into the Dark

Once men like Sako Ikome and Boh Herbert told Switzerland in their own official press statement last year that they were taking an uncritical “leap into the dark” with the “Swiss-led Process”, Switzerland knew it was dealing with cheap “leaders” it could manipulate as it pleases. The Cameroun government has never taken such a leap, and those who claim to be involve in a struggle in which the lives of 8million people are on the line should at least learn to “look before you leap” as the adage goes.

  • Signing Commitments without Demanding Same from Cameroun

The “Ambazonia Cheap Men” signed the future of 8million people and billions of their future generation in millennial to come, and handed to the Swiss in a “leap into the dark” commitment in which they mandated the Swiss as the facilitator of Ambazonia’s future.

The Swiss claimed they had informal consent from the Cameroun government; yet, they demanded written, formal commitment from the Ambazonia Cheap Men, and they gave it! Eleven months down the line, it has turned out to all be a hoax, and yet the uncritical, easily deceived men are unable to stand up for themselves and fire Switzerland for lying to them that Cameroun had committed to the Swiss process.

Ebenezer Akwanga and Swiss HD Reps in Ghana
  • Deception in the Open: HD Washes its Hands Off Ambazonia

Countries and organizations mediating in conflicts take pride in their work. The Norwegian Center for Conflict Resolution (NOREF) is to Norway as HD is to Switzerland.  On the NOREF website, for example, there is a list of conflicts they are actively involved in such as in Syria, the Philippines and Colombia.

The Swiss HD on its own website also list the conflicts it is facilitating dialogue in, or providing mediation services for their resolution. Those countries/areas include Iraq, Libya, border between Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, the Mopti and Segou Regions in Mali, Moldova, Myanmar, Nigeria, Philippines, the Diffa Region in Niger, South China Sea, the Gambia, Ukraine, Syria, Central African Republic, Senegal and Somalia. Nowhere does the HD even list Cameroun or Ambazonia in this list!!

On past conflicts it has engaged in, HD list Indonesia, Burundi, Central African Republic, Kenya, Liberia, Nepal, Sudan, East Timor, and Tunisia. Let us leave their success rate in any of these for future comments. Again, nowhere does HD list Cameroun or Ambazonia among the conflicts it has been engaged in.

Christopher Fuchs and others in HD have spent their time having a good laugh behind the scene, wondering how cheap and blind the “Ambazonia Cheap Men” must really be that for the money the Swiss gives these men, they can be so incapable of standing up for Ambazonia!!

  • Talks without Talking

The Swiss-Scam Talks can only be described as the talk of the dumb! In Pidgin English, its best description is “Swiss Mumu Talk”. For eleven months, those who are in bed with these talks have never spoken with Cameroun; yet, they are so agile and vibrant in defending the inexistent talks. And the talks, or should we say “the mumu talk” – are non-existent because Cameroun has not committed to the process. All that avails is silence, deception, bribing of fighters on the ground to surrender to Cameroun, ceasefire, and obstructing the possibility of a credible international mediation process from rising!! This is the “Swiss Mumu Talk” achievement!!