In a riveting letter whose authenticity is yet to be confirmed by Ambanews24, jailed Consortium leader and member of the Interim Government Group has insinuated that they were betrayed. This is in sharp contrast to the position of Sesekou Ayuk Tabe who says their arrest was simply a chanced encounter. In another sign of growing rift between the two leaders, Tassang Wilfred has taken a softer position on the issue of the conflict between Sesekou and Sako;

Read his full letter below

Dear Ambazonians,
Dear Leaders of the Struggle,

I would have loved to pretend that am not alive and that consequently, I am unaware of the present confusion in the people’s struggle for statehood. To those who think without them this struggle won’t move an inch, am afraid to disappoint them again. The struggle is on autopilot and by this I mean that the Almighty God is the it’s principal Prosecutor. All our Individual efforts can only yield the amount of effect that God wants. For our efforts to have worthwhile results, we should commit every action to God, and trust that He, not our ability will give us that which we seek. The current leadership crisis in the struggle is a product of overriding ego and self worth. Ambazonians, in obedience to divine directives in 2Chr. 7:14, should humble themselves and pray to God that in His mercy, He may forgive us the since of the struggle; ego, power mongering, grandstanding, conspiracies, fears and doubts.

To understand that this struggle was not ordained by men and that it’s prosecution is not led by men, no matter how much we scream, no matter how much education we have acquired, I’d like to share the following with you; in December, 2017, I received a call from one of my sisters back on Ground Zero who shared with me a vision she received; we were in Yaoundé for a meeting; all dressed in white. She moved forward to greet me, but I told her not to because the area was not safe. My reply to her revelation was instant denial. We are UN protected persons and so can not come to Yaoundé. I was later to learn that Shufai Barr. Blaise Berinyuy had also been given the same information by two priests of the church. His own reaction was not different from mine; denial. We are protected persons and can not be brought to Yaoundé for any reason whatsoever. Whilst we were in detention in DIA Nigeria, my brother Barr. Eyambe had a dream which informed him that Nigeria had sold us for money. With these three revelations, it became clear to all of us that our abduction is not unconnected to God’s higher purpose for the struggle, and that He wants to humble us, and train us. Of course, as it was with Joseph, so it was with us. He was sold into slavery that God’s plan may be realised. I am not in anyway insinuating that we were not betrayed by someone; far from it. Rather, whoever allowed themselves to so be used shalI not escape God’s judgment. I am not in the mind of Almighty God but one think is clear even to babies; that we are irrelevant to the struggle albeit for this season. Will God not in the process humble those he wants to use, and prepare us for a much more awesome assignment?

The wrongness in the wisdom of one territory, two governments lies in the practical. We have even in detention heard horrifying stories
of dogs eating dogs. What will happen now that we have two cabinets and surely two big opposing armies? The outcome of this can only be a fratricidal waste of live. Is there any reason in the world for us to do this? Financial impropriety? Is this new? How come that we now are able to determine impropriety from the darkness of this dungeon whereas we could not do whilst we were at liberty? How aggrieved I have am.

I am as a matter of principle strongly opposed to running the struggle from prison. How can I not be when only a year or so ago, I was opposed to my brothers, Balla and Fontem commanding the struggle from detention? I remember at the time that I was angry even with Barr. Bernard Muna who issued a release in Barr. Balla’s name. Rather, I hold myself to even higher standards. If I expected Mancho Bibixy to be strong and courageous, I now expect much more of myself; be stronger. To avoid any further unnecessary bloodletting, it is necessary that we go on our knees and besiege God to show us mercy. In this regard, a 13day prayer and fasting is announced beginning on Saturday May 19, 2019. In our various countries, and in the homeland, even in the dungeons, I pray the struggle to rise up and petition Sisiku and Sako to come to a compromise. With a little thought and a little more love for our people, they will easily see why they must sink their differences. During moments like this, insisting on one’s perceived correctness and the other’s wrongness is not wise. If Jesus Christ had insisted that He wasn’t a sinner, who would have hung on the cross for us? By the way, the Good Book says all have sinned and come short of God’s glory. Who can stand before God and not be found guilty? (Psalm 143:2). If God were to look for leaders without blemish, would he find any amongst us? Let God be strong in our weakness.

The darkest hour I have heard, is at dawn. Victory is close at hand. That is why the struggle must suffer search confusion at this moment. It is an attack. Our people say what an old man will see sitting down, a child will not see even from a tree. But God upholds the opposite in Joel 2:28 which says “old men will dream dreams and young men will see visions”. Things are not always as they seem. In Judges 7, God reduced Israel’s army from 32000 men to 300 so that Israel may be weak and in their weakness see God’s power and might. In our weakness shall God axalt Himself. Let us humble ourselves therefore. It’s time to return to God. Who must be right, God shall disprove; and he that shall humble himself shall God raise. Amen.

From Prison Principale,Yaoundé have this 14 day of May 2019 with my own hand scribbled and signed;