Tense Atmosphere looms as Ambazonian Fighters prepare for show down over 20th May Celebrations


By Martin N. Assandom Sr.

Sources from the Joint Command of the Ambazonian Defense Forces (ADF have confirmed a buildup of a coalition of seven separatist fighters’ groups aimed at enforcing a three days lockdown of the territory of Ambazonia ahead of the upcoming celebrations of 20th May National day of Cameroun.

The ADF, the leading Ambazonian self-defense separatist movement  and a vast majority of the Ambazonian people have called for the three days lockdown from 19-21st of May as a challenge on the legality of these celebrations in the entire territory of the former British Southern Cameroons which they consider as the day their country was officially colonized by French Cameroun Republique.

The female ADF source sounded very optimistic about the preparations which she described as ‘very great so far’. She continued that the ADF was using the preparations to share intelligence with the other groups, and to train them to fight within the scope of the ADF’s robust code of conduct in the battle field. The source that spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the collaboration said the lockdown will involve the entire territorial space of Ambazonia, and that there will be mix patrol of Ambazonia fighters on the streets, to make sure that French Cameroun soldiers do not come out to force Ambazonians to match as it has done since 1972 when an illegal federation of the two countries was illegally abrogated by the French regime in Yaounde.

Speaking further on the claims by the regime of French Cameroun that recently announced that over 170 fighters from the separatist have dropped down their weapons, the source said this was pure war propaganda by ‘an occupational force that has suffered heavy losses and humiliation from the hands of the Amba-boys fighters’. The source went further that, recruitment of fighters within the Ambazonian ranks has jumped multiple folds as more volunteers see the dire situation and the barbarism of the colonial French Cameroun state

With the ADF recent acquisition of new stocks of more modern weapons, the threat of the further intensification of the fighting has heightened with the prospects of a violent showdown between the two opposing forces on the ground facing at each other.