The Ambazonia Defense Forces attacks Cameroun’s election convoy in Ambazonia


AmbaNews24 editorial can now confirm that there has been an attack by a special contingent of the Ambazonia Defense Forces – ADF on a convoy that illegally entered the Ambazonia territory.

According to initial reports, the ground command of the ADF had received intelligence in the last 48hrs that a Cameroun military convoy was being set up to ferry election materials into the territory headed by Enwe Francis Abi, a cameroun’s parliamentarian. The attack of the convoy happened along the Mbengwi motorway. Exact reports of exact casualties if any could are still not be ascertained at this time. However, images of the attack circulated on social media show bullet holes and blood splatters at the scene

The Defense Chairman of the ADF AmbaNews24 Mr Benedict Kuah, had confirmed the attack. “Yes, I can confirm that we carried an operation in the Northern State today as a result of intelligence report we received. Unfortunately, I can not give any further information on an ongoing operation” he told AmbaNews24

These attacks are coming at a time when the People of the State of Ambazonia have denounced any elections on their territory organized by the State of Cameroun. The leader of the liberation Phase of the Ambazonia war of independence Dr Cho Ayaba, on Thursday, January 30, 2020, reiterated fresh calls for every Ambazonian to defy and denounce all elections activities within the Ambazonia territory. He also advised international observers to stay out of the conflict zone. Several other warning had gone out over the weeks leading to these push by Cameroun to force elections in this Former British Trust territory.

Dr Cho Ayaba Lucas, President of Ambazonia Governing Council and Leader of the Ambazonia War of Liberation reiterate calls for lockdown of Ambazonia – Jan. 30, 2020

The Press Secretary of the Ambazonia Governing Council had called on all citizens to burn and destroy anything related to the banned elections and mount roadblocks to disrupt any elections activities within the entire territory.