Atanga Nji, Agbor Balla, John Fru Ndi, Dion Ngute, Simon Munzu, Achidi Achu must be feeling left alone and abandoned by the most vicious of enablers who have ever existed in the history of the Ambazonia struggle for freedom. The ace in the deck of card of collaborators who have enabled torture, rape, murder and general arson on properties died today out of Ambazonia of yet to be confirmed causes.

Ekema Patrick has been one of the most sort enablers by Ambazonia Defence Forces. In recent audio released by the Executive Office of the AGOVC, one could hear late General Ivo talked of a failed Mission in Buea. Ambanews24 has gathered from sources close to the ADF leadership that a special mission to take down Patrick Ekema under the command of late General Ivo never succeeded. The source also gathered that other missions to find the chief enabler had also not been successful.

Ekema Patrick and others are not unique in the job of enabling colonialism or the perpetration of the crime of genocide. From 1942-1945 an enabler called Quisling became Prime Minister of Norway under the control of Nazi Germany. This enabler collaborated with the Germans in the genocide against the Jews. According to Quisling, his actions were in the exercise of his right to Freedom of association and speech but the consequences on humanity were far greater.

Social media is washed with messages of jubilation following the news of the death of Ekema. One regular Facebook writer wrote this on his timeline ‘Lord as you did it for Ekema Patrick, may you do it for Paul Biya’; another wrote, ‘you can never win a people who are determined even at gunpoint’. These messages reflect the overwhelming sentiment of Ambazonians who have always seen enablers as the principal obstacle in their quest for a separate homeland