The controversial leader of SOCADEF, Dr. Ebenezer Akwanga in a recent tweet declared the support of a proposed UNDP-backed reconstruction plan of Ambazonia by La Republique Du Cameroun – LRC. The proposed plan comes after a failed Grand National Dialogue organized by Dictator Paul Biya. Dr. Akwanga tweeted the following words on his account.

After a series of consultations with our diplomatic partners and the UNDP #SOCADEF is supporting the commencement of a strictly #recovery programs within the southern Cameroons-Ambazonia. We will pull the plugs if the terms are bridged

DR Akwanga’s support for the plan has left many Ambazonians pondering about his motive for supporting a plan that validated the occupation of Ambazonia by Biya’s Cameroun. Many more wonder if he has the capability to enforce his support on the ground.

The role played by Dr. Akwanga and His self-defense group, the SOCADEF, to the advancement of the liberation of Ambazonia has greatly diminished in the past 2 years. has been missing in action for a greater part of 2020. Dr. Akwanga’s only participation in the Ambazonia Liberation struggle of recent has been a failed or even “non-existent” Swiss Process, which can best be described as an expedition for personal gains by opportunists. It is rumored that he was recently in Ghana for secret negotiations with Cameroun agents. On the ground, SOCADEF has completely disappeared from the Ambazonia War of Liberation in 2020. Remnants of the group have been accused by the local population of extortions and kidnappings.

Akwanga’s failed call for a cease-fire in the wake of the Covid19

In the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, Dr. Akwanga unilaterally called for a cease-fire in Ambazonia following the UN Secretary General’s call for a global cease-fire. Without a fighting force on the ground coupled with a lack of support from Ambazonian liberation fighters, Dr. Akwanga’s laughable call was disregarded. It should be noted that while the boss of the “no-where-to-be-seen” SOCADEF was calling for a ceasefire, the Cameroun military was ramping up its massacre of civilians, burning of villages, and destruction of livelihood in Ambazonia.

Just like his COVID19 cease-fire declaration, Dr. Akwanga’s support of a reconstruction plan a UNDP-backed reconstruction plan by the occupier during an active conflict is yet another publicity stunt and another insult to suffering Ambazonian. Other, groups, especially the AGovC/ADF have openly rejected a reconstruction plan by the enemy during an active conflict. In a widely circulated statement, AGovC President and the Leader of the Ambazonia War of Liberation, Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas has vehemently rejected the UNDP proposal and called for UN-mediated negotiations that will pave the way for Ambazonians to reconstruct their country. Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas commands the largest, most structured, and well-armed liberation forces in Ambazonia, The Ambazonia Defense Forces.

Dr. Akwanga’s support for the reconstruction plan flies in the face of the aspirations of the people of Ambazonia.

Dr. Akwanga’s support of a so-called reconstruction plan gives legitimacy to Cameroun’s occupation of Ambazonia. It goes against the aspirations and expressed wishes of the people of Ambazonia. Recent surveys have proven that a vast majority of Ambazonians have rejected the concept of a “one Cameroon” being peddled by Cameroun. A survey by a Cardinal Tumi lead team in 2019 revealed a 70% support for full independence. Another survey by the Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations in November 2020 reveal that 87% of Southern Cameroon- Ambazonians want full independence of Ambazonia.

With this overwhelming evidence of support for independence and determination of Ambazonian both at home and abroad, it baffles many why Dr. Akwanga still endorsing any plan that validates Cameroun’s activities in Ambazonia. It should be noted that the UNDP proposal is to support the Biya regime’s smokescreen reconstruction plan in Ambazonia and while it intensifies its massacre of Ambazonians.

On the 24 of October, Cameroun government-sponsored militia attacked a school in Kumba killing seven kids and seriously injuring about 13 others. Over the weekend, soldiers reportedly burnt down homes around Bafut leaving some old vulnerable people without shelter and property. With these atrocities going on, Dr. Akwanga seems to have abandoned the people’s quest for a free homeland and is now more concerned with placing himself in the spotlight so as to make personal gains. His support for the reconstruction plan is therefore a slap in the face of each and every Ambazonian who wants to live in a free homeland where rights are respected, protected, and promoted.

Akwanga’s Penchant to undermine the defense Forces on the ground is a risky game

In his tweet, Dr. Akwanga claims to have had a series of consultations with some unknown diplomatic partners before declaring his support for the so-called recovery plan. However, given the overwhelming rejections by Ambazonian leaders and liberation fighters of the UNDP backed Cameroun reconstruction proposal, it is apparent that Dr. Akwanga did not consult with other stakeholders. This recent tweet just like his unilateral call for a cease-fire is an indication of his continuous attempts to undermine other Ambazonia liberation stakeholders in diplomacy, community mobilisation, and defense. It also stands contrary to the expressed aspiration of Ambazonians.

Ambazonian Liberation fighters are expanding their control of the territory. Diplomacy is gradually gaining ground with increasing support for Ambazonia’s independence. Ambazonians will reconstruct their Ambazonia.