The May 20th Lockdown Of Ambazonia By Contender Forces Takes Effect


A lockdown of Ambazonia in protest of Cameroun’s National Day celebration in the territory of Ambazonia has taken effect. The lockdown was officially called for by a coalition of Amazonian Self-Defense forces known as the Contender Forces.

The Cameroun National Day is celebrated annually on May 20. It commemorates the creation of a Cameroun Unitary State. On May 20, 1972, then President Ahmadou Ahidjo abolished the Federal System of Government agreed upon in 1961 in favor of a unitary country.

It should be noted that French Cameroun, which was a French Mandate Territory gained its independence on January 1, 1960. The Southern Cameroon which was a British Mandate Territory followed suit on October 1, 1961. Both independent countries agreed to come together in a Federation of two autonomous states. However, President Ahidjo through a “Plebiscite” changed the Federal System into a Unitary System. From then onward, Southern Cameroons lost its autonomous status and became the Northwest Province and Southwest Province of the Republic of Cameroun. To further wipe out all traces of two independent states, the current president of Cameroun Paul Biya (who has maintained an iron grip on the country since 1982) change the name of the country from The United Republic of Cameroon to The Republic of Cameroon in 1984.

While Cameroun views May 20 as their National Day, Southern Cameroonians (Ambazonians) see it as a celebration of the complete assimilation and colonisation of Southern Cameroon by La Republique Du Cameroun. Following the creation of the unitary state, French Cameroun has systematically applied policies to completely eradicate Southern Cameroons political, judicial, education, economic, social and cultural institutions.

The current lockdown called for by the Contender Forces is a continuation many years of resistance against colonisation by La Republique Du Cameroun that has intensified in the last two years with the establishment of Armed Resistance. These forces, through their commanders, have vowed to enforce the lockdown even if it is at the cost of their lives.

The Ambazonia Self-Defence Forces is a coalition of the largest and most well-armed fighting groups on the ground. They include Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF), The Tigers of Ambazonia, The British Southern Cameroons Resistance Forces (BSCRF), The 7 Katas, The Swords of Ambazonia (TSOA), The Amba Guerrillas and several other armed groups. The commanders of the Contender Forces have in recent days through video messages called on all the different Ambazonian Self-Defence outfits to join in the implementation of the current lockdown through the slogan “All For One, One For All”

AmbaNews24 correspondents on the ground are closely monitoring the situation and we will update you as things unfold

Below is a statement released by Representative of Condender Forces on May 2, 2019 call for the Lockdown