Fellow Ambazonians,

It is important for our people to now understand the realities we as a people are faced with at this very crucial turn in our liberation journey. Do not expect the enemy to give up easily. Expect the now frustrated Yaoundé government to fight even harder as she increasingly becomes economically suffocated. As we move to sever all Camerounese links into all our fossils buried deep under our land, the reaction from the dictatorial leadership in Yaoundé has been predictable.

The world has now witnessed how the economic leaching State called Cameroun has quickly matched into Ambazonia another battalion of its ill-trained and unprofessional army poised to protect a rebuild effort on the shattered Victoria oil plant. Fellow Ambazonians, the President of AGovC on April 11th 2019 had sounded this warning; “I hear they want to talk using their bankers. Each time you hear NEGOTIATION, buy more guns.” These statements were made because the leadership of AGovC had already envisioned the scenario we as a people are now witnessing.

The Yaoundé regime is desperate to negotiate NOW before they completely lose their last few grip on us. Ambazonians, our people must now come to a reality that a RUSHED AND PREMATURE TIMETABLE FOR NEGOTIATIONS will only serve the enemy and not us. It is a plan our international partners have already identified and a plan which the enemy has had in its playbook with the intention of activating it only when they’ve began losing grip on us.

Fellow Ambazonians, do not be fooled by the sudden call for dialogue by Mr. Dion Ngute. Our people must remind him of the burning of our homes by his military and the killing of our livestocks in the Northern Zone just days after he left the Palace of HRH. Nfon Angwafor from where he lifted a Peace Plant preaching peace and dialogue. Their master had once said he will not dialogue with terrorists.

It must be known that the Executive Office of your council does support that statement. Separation Agreements are NEGOTIATED and not DIALOGUED. Just like they once said FEDERALISM was a taboo subject only to now cave into the idea, it is only a matter of time before their master moves the ‘goal post’ once again to having the ‘SEPARATION FROM AMBAZONIA’ as an agenda in this conflict.

Fellow Ambazonians, our comrades in detention will always be in our hearts. They must always remember that, their release has been and will always remain a top priority as a precursor to any ACCEPTANCE of talks with their captors. As a people who are sacrificing their freedom for us, they must understand that NOTHING will move in the direction of negotiations until every AMAZONIAN in the cages in French Cameroun are FREED.

The Brussels initiatives are ongoing and collaboration across ALL leadership levels are continuing. As these internal talks are ongoing, it is important for Ambazonians to begin the process of sieving through that which is REALITY from those which are FALSEHOODS. They must now understand that all Nationalist groups in our revolution are actively talking. They must disregard the current issues that recently emanated from the first meeting out of Brussels. Failing to expeditiously Identify a security bridge at the first meeting must rather give Ambazonians a renewed sense of CONFIDENCE in that their leadership at this very crucial moment has a VERY SOLID SELF CHECK MECHANISM. A repeat of a NERA scenario would NEVER happen again in your revolution.

Despite their incarceration in Kondengui, our people must also be comforted by the fact that even the NERA10 were fully represent represented in Brussels and will continue to be represented in subsequent sessions/deliberations with every resources we have now amassed. Your leadership is currently building that capacity both for GZ and behind diplomatic corridors. With our international partners, Ambazonians must now understand that their DIPLOMATIC COALITION has taken shape. Coming out of Brussels, your leadership is becoming not only well constituted but are also now BETTER informed on ISSUES OF NEGOTIATIONS. Our people must however understand that we as Ambazonians ARE NOT READY to talk at this time. Our focus and priorities now is strengthening our forces on the ground. Our people must now understand that the Contender Force is currently growing exponentially in both numbers, readiness and logistics. Yaounde will know when we are ready to talk and that announcement will come from the People’s DIPLOMATIC COALITION.

Dr. Ayaba Cho has affirmed that NOT EVEN AGovC can unilaterally call for NEGOTIATIONS on behalf of our Nation and the composition of those to seat at table will be void of any ‘ENABLERS’. The Executive Office supports the ‘INTERNAL REQUEST FOR CLARITY’ being launched by your Council Secretary of State Dr. Larry Ayamba with respect to the security bridge in Brussels. All Nationlist stakeholders have been respectfully approached on this issue and our people should rest assured that their leadership will be not be tainted by any group with a FEDERALIST inclination.

Our work at the Diplomatic level is still ongoing and we will NOT EXPERIMENT on the future of 8million + people.

Executive Office
June 4, 2019