Torturers of Ambazonian Prisoners of War in SED, Cameroun – Faces of Evil



These are some of the faces of Cameroun’s brutal torture squad at the SED detention centre in Yaounde. They are specially charged with the most inhumane torture and humiliation of Ambazonian prisoners of war in Cameroun

Number 1: Lieutenant NANA KAPYA – Head of Forensic Research Department.

Describe as contemptuous and having no consideration for the human. Takes pleasure in causing extreme pain and suffering to his victims

Phone number: +237 6 90 57 98 83

Number 2: MBANG MANGANG alias grand Pagal

Gendarmerie officer “sub lieutenant”, judicial research service.

Description: Specialised in extreme and sadistic torture. Organises his own personal torture sessions

 Tel: + 237672652431 / + 237694563544

Number 3: Adjoudant Ebode Luc

Ebode’s favourite quote “There is no God at SED” and he demonstrates that by infliction severe torture on his victims.

Methods of choice: use of Iron rods and big heavy wood bars and cables to inflict pain and mutilate on Ambazonian Prisoners of War. Organises personal torture sessions

Number 4: Warrant Officer ARMIAHOU NJOYA

Nicknamed (cutlass man) he is the specialist of cutlass torture and responsible for the kidnapping and torture of AMBAZONIANS at SED and several missing individuals.

Responsible for mutilation of Ambazonian prisoners of war

These are just a few of the torturers of Ambazonian Prisoners of War in SED, Yaounde verified and confirmed by AmbaNews24. We will continue to update the list as more are confirmed in Yaounde and other concentration centres in Cameroun and Ambazonia