Emmanuel Sapel – AmbaCoin Chairman

In one of the boldest moves yet by the great people of Ambazonia to show their determination to assert their independence as a sovereign people and nation, the creation of the AmbaCoin as the first Ambazonian money ever has taken the world by storm.

Since its first appearance in the digital market space, eyebrows have been raised as this revolutionary currency is being predicted already to cause the complete collapse of the colonial French sponsored CFA Franc, a notorious currency that has helped to impoverished and enslaved over 100 million people in Francophone Africa, including 8 million English speaking Ambazonians to the benefit of metropolitan France and its puppet agents planted all over Francophone Africa. Thank God that Ambazonia got brains. In this soul-searching interview to Amba News 24 Editor-In-Chief, Emmanuel Sapel the Chairman of the Board of Directors of AmbaCoin tells the entire world why Ambazonia is ready to take its economic and financial destiny as an Independent nation. Excerpts:

Amba News 24

Sir, you are the chairman of the BOD of AmbaCoin, the new currency being proposed for use by Ambazonians in their quest for independence. Can you kindly introduce yourself to the Ambazonian people and the world in terms of your background, the origin of the AmbaCoin idea and how it can help in the Ambazonian fight for independence?

Thank you for giving us this opportunity. My name is Emmanuel Sapel and I have been in the financial services industry for over two decades. I currently work for one of the largest financial institutions in the world with over a trillion dollars in assets under management. The Board of directors is manned by individuals of similar background and caliber to who we owe a great deal for masterminding this project and deploying it for the benefit of the Ambazonian people.

As Ambazonians, we had come to a point where we realized that reliance on contributions from our people on the Ground Zero (GZ) and the diaspora was unsustainable as the sole source of financing to support the needs of the revolution. So, we brought together some like-minded Ambazonians to brainstorm on other methods of reaching out to a broader population beyond Ambazonians. The result of this brainstorming exercise was the birth of AmbaCoin cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately, Ambazonians remain ill-informed of AmbaCoin as an Ambazonian Currency – a Cryptocurrency and an investment. In fact, AmbaCoin is all the above. AmbaCoin can be viewed as the National Currency of Ambazonia, designed with cryptographic encryption technology to raise funds beyond the Ambazonian population to fund efforts geared towards freeing the Ambazonian homeland. In effect, all funds raised through this mechanism are directed towards efforts with direct impact on Ambazonian Freedom.

Amba News 24

Thank you, Sir. Can you tell the Ambazonian people why the Franc CFA is bad for them – Is it true that whenever our poor folks back in Ambaland buy bread using the Franc CFA, half of the money they spend go to buy bread to a rich French citizen in France – Can you explain how this sinister colonial conspiracy works?

You would be hard pressed to find any country in the world besides these former French colonies who have conspired with the French treasury to give away our countries to the French. In its simplest terms, whenever anyone besides yourself controls your money, you immediately are dependent on the one with your money. The French charge us to print our money, they require us to keep a portion of our money with them which they borrower at almost no interest rate to finance their national projects in their country. We also pay them for managing our money including the “convertibility” guaranty they provide. They set the exchange rate in their favor-to favor their business people that own all investments in our countries and ship finished goods back to their country. Remember the currency is tied to the Euro. The value of currencies is part driven by economic activities in the place where the currency is used. Right now, our economy is down in the drain. Aligning our currency to another currency that reflects another economy and not ours results in our currency being so overvalued. A gateman making 50,000 frs CFA a month can barely buy milk and bread a couple of days for tea before they are out of money because the value of the money is too high relative to our economies.

Amba News 24

AmbaCoin vs Ak47 which is more potent against the colonial regime in the context of self-defense?

Think of it as Malaria and Typhoid all coming at you at once. I think they complement each other. They are all tools in the revolutionary tool box. They each play a different role with different points of attack but have similar effect of causing sickness on the patient. Emblems of a state include a Flag, an Anthem and a currency. We equally must have AKs, to make these emblems to become a reality and hold true to their meanings.

Amba News 24

Explain in detail how the AmbaCoin can replace FCFA as a medium of exchange in Ambaland? How do you typically buy and use Ambacoin?

No currency has value if the users refused to accept it as a medium of exchange, a store of value, a method of differed payments. AmbaCoin is equally a form of mobile money. An AmbaCoin purchase is like a currency exchange, you deposit your local currency with the Ambazonia Treasury. In exchange, Ambazonia Treasury (the minter of AmbaCoin) gives you AmbaCoin equivalence. You hold your AmbaCoin, the Ambazonian Treasury uses your local currency to fund efforts of the revolution. With enough holders of AmbaCoin, the AmbaCoin community can then use it as the accepted currency of the nation in its mobile/digital form. Then the CFA becomes an afterthought. The currency has been priced in relation to the dollars and not even the CFA. My hope is that, the CFA ceases to be a legal tender in Ambaland as soon as possible. Now, even if we do not get the volume needed to make it the currency of the nation, Ambazonians who support the revolution are not losing anything because, 100% of the funds underlying the purchase are directed to efforts to free Ambazonia and assist refugees as well. Our goal is equally to lists on electronic trading floors to widen our contributors and ease the sale of the currency for those that chose to sell their AmbaCoin holdings.

Amba News 24

Some people have argued that because AmbaCoin is mostly virtual, its use will be hampered because of limited internet availability in remote areas, the inadequate educational abilities of older folks to manipulate the virtual system, and the inaccessibility of telephones in some communities. How do you overcome these problems to make AmbaCoin available to everyone?

You make a very good point with the argument of the limitations of AmbaCoin with regards to availability in remote areas, access to the internet and technology all needed for the future Ambazonian economy. Obviously, with every vision of this magnitude, there are challenges. The success of this project rests on two main strengths of the Ambazonian people. The first is the resilience, determination and ingenuity of the Ambazonian people that has allowed them; given their circumstances; to survive all these years. The second is Ambazonians believe in a free society where the rule of law is respected. We are putting together teams of individuals (Guider Program) whose task is to educate and train our people on what the currency is and how to use it. I will also add, AmbaCoin is intended to function as a transactional currency – peer to peer medium of exchange. As it is adapted and used by Ambazonians on a regular basis, the CFA will gradually inch out. It will be independent of the CFA and of any government. Consequently, it is not impacted by devaluation and thus, a good choice to store value. Ambazonians have found ways over time to bypass the internet blockade using VPN services. Use of internet short down techniques to control a population will soon be a thing of the past. There are over 2 dozen companies now planning to beam satellite internet to every part of the globe. SpaceX launched a pair of experimental satellites in February of 2018 that are designed to beam an ultrafast, lag-free Internet connection down to Earth. Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b are intended to blanket the globe in wireless broadband connectivity. The initial satellites in the network are expected to come online next year. Google’s Loon teamed up with Telkom Kenya Ltd. to build a network of high-flying balloons to connect people in the east African country starting next year. Signals are expected in sub-Saharan Africa as well. SES Networks, headquartered in Betzdorf, Luxembourg, has 12 satellites circling the globe with four more launched in 2018 and another four on order. Its fleet is delivering high-throughput data services to diverse places, many of which are remote or impoverished and could not afford to install the infrastructure necessary to support cable fiber. Beneficiaries include the Cook Islands, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Chad, Madagascar, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, the Caribbean and many others. Sub-Saharan Africa is on schedule! Notwithstanding the corruption culture French-Cameroon has brought into Ambazonia, Ambazonians for the most part believe in the rule of law and freedom.

Amba News 24

Talk more about the AmbaCoin being backed by the Treasury of Ambazonia?

When we say that AmbaCoin is backed by the Ambazonia Treasury, we mean its convertibility from one currency to another. We are currently completing work on the mobile app that would allow holders of AmbaCoin to post for exchange/sale their AmbaCoin holdings on the cryptocurrency exchange market place. This will allow them to convert their AmbaCoins back to a fiat currency. Additionally, we have future plans to deliver remittance capabilities in AmbaCoin to allow Ambazonians to buy AmbaCoins and them send it to Ambazonia and their relatives and friends will receive the money in either AmbaCoin or any other currency of their choice including the Naira. So, the Ambazonian Treasury will be standing behind its claims.

Amba News 24

You said in an interview recently that Ambacoin is an investment. Explain this to ordinary Ambalanders and what return they should expect from such an investment?

As I said earlier, AmbaCoin is equally an investment mechanism in two ways. Freedom is never given; it must be fought for. Ambazonians cannot get freedom without investing in their own freedoms. By buying AmbaCoin, they are simply paying forward for that freedom because as I said, every dollar/Euro/Yen is directed towards freeing the Homeland. In exchange, contributors get AmbaCoin. After a holding time frame, the AmbaCoins can then be listed in the electronic cryptocurrencies space for sale. Through the efforts that we are now making in putting AmbaCoins in the hands of all Ambalanders, our intention is to get to a place where these will become digital money like mobile money and accepted by Ambalanders as a trading medium for goods and services. So, it is sort of a win-win proposition.

Amba News 24

AmbaCoin has generated a lot of international press coverage, how has this helped the efforts to market the currency?

AmbaCoin has had a huge political and diplomatic impact on the world stage. Political in terms of the message it is sending to the world that we are never backing down. There is equally the message that we are creating and building our country from the ground up. The diplomatic message is that we are not only relying on our people in the diaspora to provide the much-needed resources and support to fund this effort but soon the international community at large through AmbaCoin sale. With Cryptocurrency, one must build up a base. The international press has helped to place Ambazonia on the map as a result of AmbaCoin. The international investment community understands very much what AmbaCoin as a cryptocurrency can do for the revolution. But we must build the base and solid foundation for the currency first. It is like having a “skin in the game” and as soon as we meet certain milestones, we believe that investors will then start joining us and with it more funding for our revolutionary efforts. But we need our people to help us build that base, to help us meet these milestones.

Amba News 24

What do you think will happen if every single Ambazonian on earth would buy an Ambacoin, and when do you think this ideal situation will come to pass?

We look to the day this will become a reality. When this happens, the multiplier/spiral effect would be viral. I will however name two key events that will happen

-The CFA Franc will become a thing of the past in Ambaland

-We will have enough resources to bring this colonization and slavery to an end and begin reconstruction efforts. We will use the benefits of AmbaCoin to make sure no Ambazonian on GZ is ever hungry, lacks education, access to healthcare, portable water, reliable supply of electricity, walks on dusty roads. The possibilities are endless!

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss AmbaCoin with you and on behalf of our team, we send our regards to Ambazonians across the world and especially those on GZ. It is our hope that someday, a future generation will be in your debt for the sacrifices you are making today.

Interviewed by Martin N.  Asaandom Sr.